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October 15th, Gun Battle—A Tribute to Harpo 1%er

On a cool October morning in 1976, Harry Ruby slept deeply, unaware that life as he knew it was about to end. The previous night, he had celebrated his twenty-sixth birthday with friends. Harry and his girlfriend were downstairs, with the rest of his friends asleep upstairs at the two-story house on East 93rd Avenue. No one heard a van pull up outside.

Armed bearded men wearing biker attire spilled from the van and rushed up to the house. One man broke the glass in the front door, waking Harry. He was stunned to see armed men wearing biker garb, breaking into the house in broad daylight. Terrified, Harry exchanged shots with the men. Over two dozen rounds pumped into the house before the intruders realized no one was returning fire. In the volley of bullets, Harry had been shot in the head.

The following day, the Tampa Tribune carried the headlines: “Three Deputies Hurt in Cycle Gang Shootout.” Harry Ruby never rated a headline because he was also known as Harpo, an Outlaws 1%er.

According to the newspaper account, 13 “plainclothes” officers were attempting to serve a narcotics search warrant on the newly inhabited Outlaws Club House and were met by gunfire. No mention was made of the disguises the officers wore when they broke into the house
Still, as he lay in a coma with severe brain damage, Harpo 1%er was charged with three counts of attempted first-degree murder, possession of a short-barreled shotgun and possession of marijuana. His bond was posted at $150,000.00.

Badly shaken but uninjured, the other seven people in the house were also arrested and charged with felony possession of marijuana and weapons.

Harpo 1%er survived, although with permanent brain damage that left him blind in one eye and paralyzed on one side. He was then charged by the State of Florida with three counts for the attempted murder of three police officers.

The State’s attempted murder charges were dismissed based on permanent brain damage –. Harpo was disabled to the point that he could not even communicate adequately with his defense attorney to present his side of the story.

The wounded officers then filed a civil case seeking monetary damages. Once again that case was dismissed based on the permanent brain damage.

In December 1982, Harpo 1%er was again indicted for the three attempted murder charges, this time in a Middle District of Florida RICO case against the Jacksonville and Tampa Outlaws motorcycle club chapters.

The government declared Harpo competent, and his case was used by the government to win its first ever RICO conviction against a motorcycle club.

A vicious Federal Prosecutor made sure that Harpo went to federal prison, even though he was brain-damaged, partially blinded, crippled and unable to help in his defense.
Harpo died in 2001 in Federal Prison without ever knowing freedom again.

I want to insure that everyone knows Harpo’s story. Harpo was a true 1%er who put his life on the line in defense of his Brothers. We will cherish his memory for as long as a single Outlaw 1%er exists. Harpo 1%er is on our list of Outlaws 1%er heroes who are Gone, But Not Forgotten.

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Cops Training to Terminate Bikers


Is Law Enforcement Training To Terminate Bikers?

Written by: Double “Double D” Devereaux

Many people interested in target shooting are familiar with practice targets. Many times these targets are silhouettes of human beings. Nothing descriptive, just a neutral target. Then there are practice targets that more graphically depict people. Beyond neutral practice targets, these targets depict stereotypical images of terrorists, bank robbers, and armed criminals with a hostage. It’s impossible to defend the actions or goals of any of these types of people so vilifying their images receives little objection. Continue reading

Understanding the Waco Biker Prosecution


Written by David “Double D” Devereaux

On May 17, 2015, Paul Landers was looking for a place to hang a Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents banner in preparation for a scheduled political gathering to discuss motorcycle rights issues when gunfire erupted at a Twin Peaks in Waco, Texas. Paul was there to provide the region updates following the National Coalition of Motorcyclists National Convention that was held in Denver the previous week.

Despite being a dedicated political rights advocate with an indisputable track record, Paul and 176 other individuals were arrested and charged under the state’s organized crime statute for engaging in organized crime and committing or conspiring to commit capital murder. 154 of those arrested have had their cases presented to a grand jury, have been indicted, and are currently awaiting trial.

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8.6 Million Motorcyclists Vote. Holding the Power To Sway Elections


Written by David “Double D” Devereaux

As we approach national elections in November, why is the opinion of the motorcycling community so important? The answer is simple. Motorcyclists represent a massive and powerful voting block with the ability to sway national elections. The vast majority of this demographic are registered and active voters. According to the National Motorcycle Profiling Survey 2015-16 (NMPS), 86% of motorcyclists have voted in a national election within the last 10 years. The American Motorcycle Association estimates that there are 10,000,000 registered motorcyclists in America.  Continue reading

Why Don’t Federal Agencies Have to Answer for Ruining Lives?

The latest news about Jaycee Lee Dugard losing her lawsuit against the federal government earned a lot of harsh comments for the parole officers involved

In addition to denying her claim, it was interesting to see that the federal government has hidden or removed the names of those responsible for her kidnapping and sexual abuse for years by parolee Phillip Garrido.

But, I personally had experience with the lies and cover-ups of US Parole Examiner Raymond Essex, and remember his name all-too-well.

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The 114TH CONGRESS House Resolution 831.

IN MY OPINION; Resolution 831 is the result of organizations like the Motorcycle Profiling Project and the many individuals working hard to stop Motorcycle Profiling. Congregational House Resolution 831,  promoting awareness of motorcycle profiling, is one of the most important actions taken to protect the rights of the Biker community.

I believe the time is right for the biker community to come together and pass Anti-Profiling legislation in our individual States. I welcome your comments and ideas. 

RoadBlock 1%er

SEE ATTACHED: Copy of  House Resolution 831 Continue reading

Statistics Prove Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs Not A Public Threat

statistics-prove-motorcycle-clubs-not-threat-featured-image-620x350Statistics Prove Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs Not A Public Threat

Study Published on August 10th, 2016 | by David “Double D” Devereaux
Authorities openly target motorcycle clubs, particularly 1% clubs, selectively enforcing the law, in order to harass or investigate individuals based on the belief that they are definitional criminals. This perspective is based on an outdated stereotype that is ignorant of statistical reality and foundational constitutional principles that have been consistently confirmed by the Supreme Court and other federal courts.
Many federal and state authorities insist that what they call “outlaw motorcycle gangs/OMG’s” are a significant organized crime threat in America, despite the statistical data that proves criminal activity involving these clubs is negligible at best. (Note: the OMG tag is universally rejected by the clubs labeled gangs by law enforcement.) Continue reading





Written by Andrew two Cents Geltzer


Exactly what constitutes a “criminal origination”?  How is a “criminal” organization different than an organization that has occasionally had criminals as members?  How many members, or more accurately, what percentage of its members must be criminals before an organization is deemed a “criminal” one? Continue reading



IN MY OPINION: By W.T. RoadBlock Harrell
January 27, 2015

The answer is yes. The Constitution guarantees you the right to possess firearms, and the Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld your right. However, specialized units of law enforcement consistently ignore this Constitutional guarantee. Day or night, if a SWAT team invades your home and you are holding a weapon, you will most likely be shot dead immediately.
. Continue reading


Shades of 1970 – Police Attack College Students
Written by W.T. RoadBlock Harrell

As I was watching the morning news, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The police were arrogantly hosing down Ohio State University students with pepper spray on our city streets. Were the students looting, fighting with police or attacking the public? No, the “crime” the students were committing was jubilantly celebrating a stunning win by their Ohio Buckeyes football team. Continue reading

Some Actions Have Serious Consequences


By political activist W.T. RoadBlock Harrell

November 11, 2014

The recent tragic event in Jacksonville Florida proves one thing:  The IO’s manifesto to create chaos and incite violence has no limit, even if their actions result in death.


The Iron Order was founded in 2004 by a group of federal agents and an attorney.  The founders and managers of the IO are made up, in part, of federal and state agents who have, over the years, made a career of prosecuting America’s motorcycle clubs.  By their own admission, they are determined to destroy all other clubs and associations, our biker lifestyle, and the freedoms guaranteed to Americans by the U.S. Constitution.

Continue reading