October 15th, Gun Battle—A Tribute to Harpo 1%er

On a cool October morning in 1976, Harry Ruby slept deeply, unaware that life as he knew it was about to end. The previous night, he had celebrated his twenty-sixth birthday with friends. Harry and his girlfriend were downstairs, with the rest of his friends asleep upstairs at the two-story house on East 93rd Avenue. No one heard a van pull up outside.

Armed bearded men wearing biker attire spilled from the van and rushed up to the house. One man broke the glass in the front door, waking Harry. He was stunned to see armed men wearing biker garb, breaking into the house in broad daylight. Terrified, Harry exchanged shots with the men. Over two dozen rounds pumped into the house before the intruders realized no one was returning fire. In the volley of bullets, Harry had been shot in the head.

The following day, the Tampa Tribune carried the headlines: “Three Deputies Hurt in Cycle Gang Shootout.” Harry Ruby never rated a headline because he was also known as Harpo, an Outlaws 1%er.

According to the newspaper account, 13 “plainclothes” officers were attempting to serve a narcotics search warrant on the newly inhabited Outlaws Club House and were met by gunfire. No mention was made of the disguises the officers wore when they broke into the house
Still, as he lay in a coma with severe brain damage, Harpo 1%er was charged with three counts of attempted first-degree murder, possession of a short-barreled shotgun and possession of marijuana. His bond was posted at $150,000.00.

Badly shaken but uninjured, the other seven people in the house were also arrested and charged with felony possession of marijuana and weapons.

Harpo 1%er survived, although with permanent brain damage that left him blind in one eye and paralyzed on one side. He was then charged by the State of Florida with three counts for the attempted murder of three police officers.

The State’s attempted murder charges were dismissed based on permanent brain damage –. Harpo was disabled to the point that he could not even communicate adequately with his defense attorney to present his side of the story.

The wounded officers then filed a civil case seeking monetary damages. Once again that case was dismissed based on the permanent brain damage.

In December 1982, Harpo 1%er was again indicted for the three attempted murder charges, this time in a Middle District of Florida RICO case against the Jacksonville and Tampa Outlaws motorcycle club chapters.

The government declared Harpo competent, and his case was used by the government to win its first ever RICO conviction against a motorcycle club.

A vicious Federal Prosecutor made sure that Harpo went to federal prison, even though he was brain-damaged, partially blinded, crippled and unable to help in his defense.
Harpo died in 2001 in Federal Prison without ever knowing freedom again.

I want to insure that everyone knows Harpo’s story. Harpo was a true 1%er who put his life on the line in defense of his Brothers. We will cherish his memory for as long as a single Outlaw 1%er exists. Harpo 1%er is on our list of Outlaws 1%er heroes who are Gone, But Not Forgotten.

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Cops Training to Terminate Bikers


Is Law Enforcement Training To Terminate Bikers?

Written by: Double “Double D” Devereaux

Many people interested in target shooting are familiar with practice targets. Many times these targets are silhouettes of human beings. Nothing descriptive, just a neutral target. Then there are practice targets that more graphically depict people. Beyond neutral practice targets, these targets depict stereotypical images of terrorists, bank robbers, and armed criminals with a hostage. It’s impossible to defend the actions or goals of any of these types of people so vilifying their images receives little objection. Continue reading

Understanding the Waco Biker Prosecution


Written by David “Double D” Devereaux

On May 17, 2015, Paul Landers was looking for a place to hang a Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents banner in preparation for a scheduled political gathering to discuss motorcycle rights issues when gunfire erupted at a Twin Peaks in Waco, Texas. Paul was there to provide the region updates following the National Coalition of Motorcyclists National Convention that was held in Denver the previous week.

Despite being a dedicated political rights advocate with an indisputable track record, Paul and 176 other individuals were arrested and charged under the state’s organized crime statute for engaging in organized crime and committing or conspiring to commit capital murder. 154 of those arrested have had their cases presented to a grand jury, have been indicted, and are currently awaiting trial.

Continue reading

8.6 Million Motorcyclists Vote. Holding the Power To Sway Elections


Written by David “Double D” Devereaux

As we approach national elections in November, why is the opinion of the motorcycling community so important? The answer is simple. Motorcyclists represent a massive and powerful voting block with the ability to sway national elections. The vast majority of this demographic are registered and active voters. According to the National Motorcycle Profiling Survey 2015-16 (NMPS), 86% of motorcyclists have voted in a national election within the last 10 years. The American Motorcycle Association estimates that there are 10,000,000 registered motorcyclists in America.  Continue reading

Why Don’t Federal Agencies Have to Answer for Ruining Lives?

The latest news about Jaycee Lee Dugard losing her lawsuit against the federal government earned a lot of harsh comments for the parole officers involved

In addition to denying her claim, it was interesting to see that the federal government has hidden or removed the names of those responsible for her kidnapping and sexual abuse for years by parolee Phillip Garrido.


But, I personally had experience with the lies and cover-ups of US Parole Examiner Raymond Essex, and remember his name all-too-well.

Continue reading

The 114TH CONGRESS House Resolution 831.

IN MY OPINION; Resolution 831 is the result of organizations like the Motorcycle Profiling Project and the many individuals working hard to stop Motorcycle Profiling. Congregational House Resolution 831,  promoting awareness of motorcycle profiling, is one of the most important actions taken to protect the rights of the Biker community.

I believe the time is right for the biker community to come together and pass Anti-Profiling legislation in our individual States. I welcome your comments and ideas. 

RoadBlock 1%er

SEE ATTACHED: Copy of  House Resolution 831 Continue reading

Statistics Prove Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs Not A Public Threat

statistics-prove-motorcycle-clubs-not-threat-featured-image-620x350Statistics Prove Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs Not A Public Threat

Study Published on August 10th, 2016 | by David “Double D” Devereaux
Authorities openly target motorcycle clubs, particularly 1% clubs, selectively enforcing the law, in order to harass or investigate individuals based on the belief that they are definitional criminals. This perspective is based on an outdated stereotype that is ignorant of statistical reality and foundational constitutional principles that have been consistently confirmed by the Supreme Court and other federal courts.
Many federal and state authorities insist that what they call “outlaw motorcycle gangs/OMG’s” are a significant organized crime threat in America, despite the statistical data that proves criminal activity involving these clubs is negligible at best. (Note: the OMG tag is universally rejected by the clubs labeled gangs by law enforcement.) Continue reading





Written by Andrew two Cents Geltzer


Exactly what constitutes a “criminal origination”?  How is a “criminal” organization different than an organization that has occasionally had criminals as members?  How many members, or more accurately, what percentage of its members must be criminals before an organization is deemed a “criminal” one? Continue reading


Fight-for-your Rights

IN MY OPINION: The U.S. Justice Department and various police agencies have decided they have the power to classify any motorcycle club they choose as a “Criminal Organization.” They believe this action then allows them to selectively Profile those organizations. The Profiling of America’s motorcycle clubs sets a double standard. Moreover, governmental profiling violates the very principles America was founded on.

What is their justification for Motorcycle profiling?

The Justice Department and law enforcement claim the profiling is justified because of a history of criminal activity by some members.

This standard would make anyone who belongs to, or associates with, an organization responsible for criminal conduct by other members.

Why isn’t this standard applied to the Federal and State Agencies below?

News Media Reports show that: Continue reading

Seizure Of Outlaws MC Patches Upheld by Appeals Court

Published on March 1st, 2016 | by David “Double D” Devereaux


An Illinois Court of Appeals in affirmed a lower court ruling in People v. Black in Color Leather Vest with Attached Outlaws Motorcycle Club Patches, 2016 IL App (2d) 150495 (February 23, 2016), saying that 3 Outlaws Motorcycle Club patches were properly seized under the state’s Streetgang Prevention Act after defendants pled guilty to aggravated battery and mob action. This decision does not say that the government can take all Outlaws MC patches. This decision does say that motorcycle club colors may be seized from individuals wearing them during the commission of a crime. Continue reading




Police Chief Mike Chitwood, known throughout his career as a Dirty Harry wannabe, and his Deputy Chief Steve Beres decided Bike Week 2011 was the perfect time to escalate their ongoing vendetta against the Outlaws Motorcycle Club.

Deputy Chief Beres contacted the property owner of the building rented to the Outlaws Club members for Bike Week. Beres threatened to take retaliatory actions against the businessman’s other properties if he didn’t get the Outlaws out of his building. Beres claimed the location was a problem because it wasn’t zoned as a place to sleep or hold parties. They threatened to search for code violations on the warehouse owner’s other properties if he didn’t get the Outlaws out immediately! The Club members, most of whom had traveled great distances to meet and relax with old friends, were forced to leave the grounds. Continue reading

2016: The Year of Change

Great news! This year, for the first time, the motorcycle community of Florida will stand united to fight for our rights. For too long, we have allowed the government and media to publicly define us as undesirables and criminal gangs. With the help of a newly organized Florida Biker Civil Rights Organization, we can step out of the shadows and defend our right to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” (As set out by our forefathers in the Declaration of independence). Continue reading

The Bloodiest Day in Biker History

Over the last thirty years, the government’s war against American motorcycle clubs (MCs) and the biker lifestyle has escalated. On May 17th 2015, government agents and law enforcement finally crossed the line with their extremist actions against American citizens. Blatantly violating basic U.S. Constitutional rights, these agencies organized and carried out an attack on a legitimate political organization. That attack left 9 dead, 20 wounded and over 200 detained and/or arrested.

For over six months now, the Waco courts along with City, County, State and Federal law enforcement, have misled the public into believing this was caused solely by a bunch of criminal motorcycle gangs. They have refused to release any real evidence or videos, and have placed gag orders on everyone to prevent the truth from coming out.

Who is really responsible? Please read the following news article, published by GQ Magazine, and make up your own mind.
Comments are welcome. Continue reading



Military veterans are the largest “brotherhood” in the United States today. Combined, we represent a mighty force that doesn’t back down from a challenge, and manages to survive the worst. The scars and bruises may show, or may be internalized, but we earned them in the name of freedom.

The American veteran has traveled a long and tortuous route. The path began in the numbing cold of Valley Forge. It took him to a fiery line of cotton bales at New Orleans, then to the Argonne forest and Omaha Beach, and the Pacific to places with exotic names like Okinawa or pathetic ones like Heartbreak Ridge. Again the path led to Southeast Asia . . . To the flat delta region, dense jungle mixed with rice paddies, and rugged mountains of South Vietnam.


The men who fought in these wars were often ordinary, undistinguished from their neighbors until the day came when the crisis of battle lifted them to the heights of valor.

The majority of veterans understood the need for their service: they loved both freedom and their country. They understood — and still understand — that freedom has a price tag. It is not free; it must be earned by each generation, or it will perish.


As Thomas Paine put it: “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.”

In my fiction books, I have tried to show how war impacts each man or woman in different ways. No one comes home from a war unchanged. Like Joe, Ugly, Silent Sam, Spence Gilbertson or Army Nurse Debra Dupree, each veteran deals with the after-effects in their own way, and shouldn’t be held up to some all-encompassing judgement. Americans—including our own government officials– should work to understand their actions, not judge or categorize.

Our veterans are a source of pride in our nation, and exemplify the kind of dedication and sacrifice needed for safeguarding freedom.

Remember them, and their contributions to the cause of freedom, not only on Veterans’ Day, but for all the years of our lives.



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On this day 39 years ago, at about 8:00 am, there was an armed attack on the Tampa Bay Chapter of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club by a group of individuals wearing biker apparel.

This article is about the brave young man who stood his ground and defended his home and those asleep inside. He shot three of the unidentified attackers before he was gunned down with a .44 magnum round in the head. His name is Hank Ruby, AKA Harpo 1%er.


It turns out this fiasco was a first time “No Knock Search Warrant” raid by a new undercover narcotics task squad. The only problem is there was no announcement and nothing identifying the attackers as law enforcement.

After a long recovery period Harpo 1%er survived with permanent massive brain damage that left him blind in one eye and paralyzed on one side. He was then charged by the State of Florida with three counts for the attempted murder of three police officers. Continue reading

Do You Want Cops In Your Motorcycle Club

OPINIONS: By W. T. RoadBlock Harrell

During some recent conversations, my riding partners told me they are not happy with the recent upsurge of LEOs attempting to join non-LEO MCs. Why would a LEO want to join a non-LEO MC, particularly those clubs fighting for our rights? Well, recent history answers that question.

On May 17th, 2015, in Waco Texas nine (9) people were killed, nineteen (19) wounded and one hundred seventy-seven (177) arrested. We were subjected to bogus and slanted news reports, with naïve reporters believing LEO leaders instead of doing investigative reporting. The American public was told that evil motorcycle gangs clashed violently in a public place, endangering families and bystanders, and blasted each other to pieces. Who among us believed that bullshit?

Swanton, the man who gave the open fire order

The man who gave the open fire order

Continue reading

Lobbying 101 Myths & Misconceptions

How Manpower Changes What You Thought You Knew About Motorcycle Rights and Legislative Strategy.


Not since the late 60’s and early ’70’s have we seen a visible manpower-driven grassroots motorcycle rights movement like the one we are seeing today. COC’s and the US Defenders have mobilized a mass of manpower directed at state legislatures across America, redefining what is possible and changing previous conceptions embraced by the motorcycle rights lobby. The movement to pass laws addressing motorcycle profiling provides powerful insight into the impact of manpower on the rules of lobbying and the emerging landscape. Continue reading

Political Unification – The Key To The Survival Of Motorcycle Clubs

IN MY OPINION: This article by David “Double D” Devereaux, of motorcycleprofilingproject.com) sets out the only chance America’s motorcycle clubs and independent riders have of receiving the rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

“If there was ever a doubt about the necessity for motorcycle clubs to unite for the common purpose of fighting profiling and discrimination that doubt no longer exists. The culmination of numerous events has placed the motorcycle club community at the crossroads. Continue reading



How long could your family survive if you were locked up on bogus charges in a concocted federal case?

A recent Outlaws Motorcycle Club case in Gainesville Georgia caught my attention. The government claims that two years into a federal investigation, this motorcycle club discovered there was a government informant in their chapter.


What happened to the informant in this case? Nothing! Continue reading


IN MY OPINION: It is a fact that military veteran motorcycle clubs are the largest MC’s in our country. It is also a fact that our government and law enforcement agencies are determined to destroy the biker culture in this country, including the military clubs.
Some motorcycle clubs still don’t realize how important the military veterans clubs are to our battle for our constitutional rights.

MilitaryClubsEvery military veteran swore to “protect, defend and preserve the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies both foreign and domestic.” This oath doesn’t have an expiration date and yes, this includes our abusive out-of-control government.
Some government agencies prefer that veterans forget about their oath and quietly disappear back into society. But, many returning veterans have served multiple tours of duty and some need help fitting back in. The government is upset because many join veterans motorcycle clubs where they feel at home with their veteran brothers.


Continue reading


In my opinion, the Waco Massacre happened because cops failed to perform their duty in a professional manner. They also failed to use simpler methods already proven to handle this exact situation, dating back beyond my era. Had they done so, there would have been no deaths, no wounded, no arrests, no constitutional violations and no need for a massive cover-up to hide their inexcusable criminal acts.

(A.) The police absolutely knew that the Texas COC was a legitimate political activist organization with business meetings held in a constitutional manner.
(B.) The police admitted they knew there was problems between The Cossacks, their support clubs and COC member clubs.
(C.) The cops admitted they knew the Cossacks and their support clubs were on their way with the intent to cause trouble and interrupt the COC’s scheduled meeting.
(D.) The cops admitted they were at the scene and ready for trouble prior to any problems.





Swanton’s lips are moving, I wonder what lying version he’s telling this time?

In my opinion, the last vestiges of freedom for the biker population are hanging by a thread. I believe that if we don’t do something immediately, our lifestyle will be history. The recent slaughter of bikers by law enforcement in Waco, Texas should be a rallying cry for all of us. Just think: twenty-eight individuals were shot in a set-up by law enforcement, nine fatally, in public. How far will the government go to destroy a political movement? Continue reading


IN MY OPINION; by W.T. “Roadblock” Harrell


From independent riders to international motorcycle clubs, everyone in the biker community is outraged. Several State and Federal law enforcement agencies are responsible for the deliberate murder of 9 bikers and wounding 18 others. This massacre took place at a legally scheduled political activist meeting of the Texas Coalition of Clubs and Independent bikers in Waco, Texas.
Continue reading


IN MY OPINION: The judicial system in America is broken and no longer protects the constitutional rights of the American citizens!

On August 31, 2013, there was an Associated Press Release, by Investigative Reporter Charles Wilson stating; “Indianapolis Man accused as enforcer for motorcycle gang wants to plead no contest to racketeering.” I believe this news report demonstrates just how far government prosecutors will go to win cases and destroy the motorcycle clubs in this country.

I believe the courts have become nothing more than a political stepping stone for unethical media hungry prosecutors. They unscrupulously no longer protect the constitutional rights of American citizens and daily betray the oath they took to do so.

In this article the federal prosecutor claims that it isn’t enough that this man enter a no contest plea to the Racketeering charge. This is even though the court still could punish him as if he were found guilty at trial. But, that would let him accept individual responsibility. Continue reading


IN MY OPINION: By W.T. “RoadBlock” Harrell


We all know the bad cops — There are blogs and Facebook sites dedicated to thousands of illegal daily disasters committed by bad cops. Many of us have had confrontations with these spineless individuals that we will never forget.

Such as::

> Reaching epidemic levels, trigger-happy chicken-shits shoot harmless family pets multiple times in their own yard. Then they give the owners a ticket and the finger, but not their name or badge number. Continue reading


IN MY OPINION: By W.T. “RoadBlock” Harrell

PART ONE: The Good

We are doing the same thing the government does to us by lumping all cops into a bad cop category. This is a serious mistake that makes it almost impossible to bring about any changes. I hope these articles, Part One and Two will give you something to think about. I welcome your thoughts and comments.

After serving thirty years in prison, many people assume I hate cops. Cops dictated if I could leave my cell, if I could receive medical care, when I ate, what I wore, what I could say to them without getting my cell tossed –24/7 for thirty long years. Did I like it? Not hardly. Continue reading



IN MY OPINION: By W.T. RoadBlock Harrell
January 27, 2015

The answer is yes. The Constitution guarantees you the right to possess firearms, and the Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld your right. However, specialized units of law enforcement consistently ignore this Constitutional guarantee. Day or night, if a SWAT team invades your home and you are holding a weapon, you will most likely be shot dead immediately.
. Continue reading


Shades of 1970 – Police Attack College Students
Written by W.T. RoadBlock Harrell

As I was watching the morning news, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The police were arrogantly hosing down Ohio State University students with pepper spray on our city streets. Were the students looting, fighting with police or attacking the public? No, the “crime” the students were committing was jubilantly celebrating a stunning win by their Ohio Buckeyes football team. Continue reading

Something I Would Like To Share

I would like to share with you one of the things in prison that helped to keep me up-to-date and focused. This was the “Brothers Behind Bars (BBB) News Letter.” This is my letter of appreciation to the man that made it possible. Mike Davis 1%er, Sons Of Silence MC.

Dear Mike,

I finally got my third book published, and have a chance to relax.  It’s been a unique experience to have my own business after three decades in prison (despite the best efforts of law enforcement to limit my success.)  One of the things that has kept me motivated is the encouragement from the many incarcerated MC members who have read my books.  Coming from these men who have lived the lifestyle I write about, their opinions and commentary are valued greatly.

I thought you’d be interested to know I have dedicated my third book, “One Percenter’s Stand,” to the MC members still in prison.

The dedication reads:

This book is dedicated to the many motorcycle club members in prison who put their dignity and self-respect above anything the government could offer.

I want them to know they are not forgotten, and their efforts to maintain their personal honor against all odds is indeed understood and respected.

I’ve been home five years now, but remember how difficult the Holiday Seasons were for us. Sometimes it seemed like family and friends forgot about us.  Some of my fellow inmates didn’t even have family.

Once the BBB Newsletter was established and started reaching prisoners, it was all the outside contact some inmates had for the holidays.  So I wanted to thank you for all you have done to bring current news and articles and jokes that we could appreciate to those behind bars.

Best wishes for a great New Year.

Thank You,
RoadBlock 1%er


When I finally took a breather — just about impossible this time of year — I realized this was my fifth Christmas spent at home with family and friends. My wife reminded me of the pure hell of visiting a loved one in prison during the holidays: driving all night to stand in line for hours to get maybe thirty minutes in bedlam. The worst part was watching the kids say goodbye to their fathers when it was time to leave. If that didn’t make a man decide to change careers, nothing would.

With all the bad national news lately, it’s easy to forget that a lot of people are fighting their own private battles without making the news. Some of you ask for prayers, often for someone else, but you never whine — even with a child or elderly parent in the hospital, stacks of bills that can’t be paid, the loss of a job, or just One More Thing that comes along and knocks your feet out from under you.

My wife and I would like to take a moment to recognize and offer our respect to those of you determined not to give up as you deal with life’s challenges this holiday season. Your refusal to admit defeat or be a “victim” shows your personal courage and strength. These days, that’s worth a lot. When the dust settles and the big shots are on to their next headline, you’ll know who your true friends are, and what you are capable of surviving due to your own grit and resolve. You are the example for your loved ones and friends, not the politicians.

We wish all of our friends peace and resolve this holiday season and throughout 2015.
RoadBlock and Krisan

Some Actions Have Serious Consequences


By political activist W.T. RoadBlock Harrell

November 11, 2014

The recent tragic event in Jacksonville Florida proves one thing:  The IO’s manifesto to create chaos and incite violence has no limit, even if their actions result in death.


The Iron Order was founded in 2004 by a group of federal agents and an attorney.  The founders and managers of the IO are made up, in part, of federal and state agents who have, over the years, made a career of prosecuting America’s motorcycle clubs.  By their own admission, they are determined to destroy all other clubs and associations, our biker lifestyle, and the freedoms guaranteed to Americans by the U.S. Constitution.

Continue reading

Is America Still The Land Of The Free?

Over the past 30+ years the U.S. government has become the very thing this country’s citizens fought against and died for 200 years ago.

America is no longer a nation of “We the People” protected by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. America is now what the government and politicians so proudly refer to as A Nation of Laws. The Constitutional rights and protections this country was founded on are a thing of the past.

WHAT HAPPENED: The U.S. Government has chosen to follow the path of the Soviet Union, Germany, China and many more dictatorial governments of the past.

Continue reading

Defend Your Club And Lifestyle


The biggest danger facing motorcycle clubs today isn’t conflict with other clubs as law enforcement and the media claim. Not even close! It is a “tyrannical government” willing to selectively profile, criminalize and prosecute membership in a motorcycle club instead of individual criminal behavior.

Profiling a specific group of individuals is a crime in and of itself. Furthermore, denying these individuals the protections given others is a violation of basic human rights and Constitutional law.

Defending our clubs against this criminal threat requires using a weapon equal to that being used against us —

“THE LEGAL SYSTEM”!  Continue reading

The Battle For Our Rights Continues

Anything you say, can and will be used against you

As we’ve seen in recent motorcycle club trials, anything you say can be twisted by cops, snitches, prosecutors and others to crucify you to the fullest extent of the law. Thanks to plea-bargaining rats and politically motivated government agents, you can’t trust anyone with your freedom.

Does this mean you give up on riding motorcycles with your friends and club brothers? Does it mean you can no longer share opinions or joke around, for fear some jerk-off in the corner will use your words one day to save his own ass in Court? Does it mean you should be reluctant to party at your clubhouse, go on runs, and participate in functions with your club brothers?

Continue reading

What If Someone Offered You A Million Dollar Bribe To Betray Your Family And Friends

What if that “Someone” was the Government?

IN MY OPINION: In case after case, motorcycle club members are being offered illegal government bribes to turn on other club members to save their own asses.

Someone recently asked me if it was like this in my day. I responded No, it was different in the beginning. Back then, the government offered much more! There was cash money, a new name and fresh start with total immunity from all charges for snitches. Via the Federal Witness Protection Program, entire families were relocated and give new homes and lives, with your tax dollars footing the bill.

Continue reading

Leadership: Good Versus Bad

In my opinion, today’s motorcycle clubs are facing a leadership and brotherhood crisis. They can only survive this crisis if the leaders and members respect and believe in each other.

A good leader cares about his club, respects his members and leads by example. He believes that every member has a right and duty to vote on all aspects of club policy.  A good leader lets you think for yourself and encourages you to be actively involved in club decisions.    He wants to build your club into a strong presence Continue reading

Has America Become A Police State?

In 1982, President Reagan’s executive order classified American’s Top 4 motorcycle clubs as criminal organizations. Despite being guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, individual rights vanished for a targeted group of people.

Today, the U.S. Government classifies over 300 of American’s Motorcycle Clubs as “outlaw motorcycle gangs” and “criminal organizations.”

Continue reading

Governments Worldwide Are Denying Motorcycle Riders Their Constitutional Rights

If you belong to a motorcycle club, attend motorcycle runs and activities, or simply ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle while wearing traditional biker apparel, the following information applies to you.

During the past several decades, there has been an intentional, systematic encroachment of motorcycle riders rights by the government and its agencies. These actions selectively criminalize, isolate, and profile those of us who ride motorcycles.

Continue reading

mc Brotherhood Under Attack

Sunday-Run---Florida-2010There is a serious breakdown of brotherhood and standards of conduct in our motorcycle clubs today. The missing variable is “honor.” Without honor there can be no brotherhood. Some club members only have allegiance because it is convenient, not because they are interested in being part of a true brotherhood, where honor is everything. Continue reading

What Is R.I.C.O. ?

Today, governments and their agencies worldwide are classifying their “Biker” populations as undesirable criminal organizations, slating them for harassment and selective prosecution. Our governments are blatantly determined to eradicate the biker lifestyle. I will attempt to show how all of this began, and how it is connected to the U.S. government’s “war on motorcycle clubs.” No matter where you live, this “War On Motorcycle Clubs” is a serious threat to our individual constitutional and human rights as citizens of our respective countries. Continue reading