IN MY OPINION: By W.T. RoadBlock Harrell
January 27, 2015

The answer is yes. The Constitution guarantees you the right to possess firearms, and the Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld your right. However, specialized units of law enforcement consistently ignore this Constitutional guarantee. Day or night, if a SWAT team invades your home and you are holding a weapon, you will most likely be shot dead immediately.


As you lay there bleeding out, you hear your kids crying and begging for you as the cops handcuff your wife, shoot your dogs, and ransack your home.

I wonder just how many innocent Americans have died this way since President Nixon signed his “No Knock” search warrant policy into law in 1970. Nixon said this would be a powerful tool for police to use in America’s War on Drugs.

I also wonder if Nixon had any idea these no-knock warrants would one day be served by militarized SWAT teams dressed for combat and armed with the weapons and vehicles used against our enemies in foreign nations.

The Government claims that a large number of those killed are drug dealers and criminals. The problem with their claim is that every American citizen is innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. Being killed by SWAT has no semblance to a guilty verdict by a jury of the victim’s peers.

Today’s militarized SWAT teams are specifically trained for hostage and terrorist situations. They are trained by the military to approach every job and person as an enemy, not a citizen with rights. Why is SWAT performing routine police duties instead of leaving it to the police officers who are trained to handle citizens in a constitutional manner?

One of the most important Constitutional rights all citizens have is “Equal Protection under the Law.” This means everyone must be treated equally no matter what race, political bent, employment and financial status, or organizations you may belong to.

The highest courts in this nation agree that every citizen is entitled to the constitutional rights listed below.

(1.) A right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
(2.) A right to possess a firearm.
(3.) Is innocent until proven guilty.
(4.) Is entitled to “Equal protection under the law.
(5.) And is entitled to “Due Process”

How can SWAT members walk away free after summarily executing American citizens? In 2014 there were over 80,000 SWAT raids, and over 1,000 Americans killed by cops.

It’s time for American citizens wake up and start using the tools our forefathers put in place in 1787 to stop this government’s abusive unlawful acts. Join me today in the fight for every American citizen’s constitutional rights.



  • I always find wisdom from your words….very wise brother…L&R

  • You are so right. My Dad was in the mafia. In January, 1971, Nixon’s “no knock” law came knocking at my parent’s house. Dad was at the Laurel Race Track in Maryland with one of our “Uncles”. My Mom, brother and myself were at home cleaning and waiting for my Mom’s younger brother, Uncle Don. I heard, what I thought, was a knock at the door. I went out to the hallway and ready to open the door when it came flying open. It wasn’t Uncle Don. It was the FBI. One on his knees and one standing up behind him with guns in my face. I was 12 years old and all I could think to say was “I didn’t do it!!” They didn’t knock, it was the air gun not getting in the first time. I have a gun permit and it’s my Consititutional right to carry one. Period.

  • Road block for president…####SINCITY###JAX,FLA

    • Yes, I do and I don’t carry them to Start anything, with anyone, but in this day and times that were living, We don’t playground fight, there are Children, Teens and grown ups that try to Strong arm you, I will use mine only to keep what I worked hard all my life for, and the SAFETY of my FAMILY and my Person, I’ll Die with my Boots on, and you’ll have Pry them out of my Cold, Old Dead Hands. Love Y’all, Adios. Chief” 15″.

  • I have had two friends/Brothers killed by Swat Teams in these type of raids in recent years. No warrants for their arrest, or any charges had been issued. The only reason for these raids which resulted in their death was the fact they belonged to motorcycle clubs.
    This could happen to anyone! Wake up America!

  • The Constitution, on this hypothesis, is a mere thing of wax in the hands of the Judiciary, which they may twist and shape into any form they please.

  • I too also lost a brother in 2012 when he failed to appear in court for a DUI hearing. A warrant was issued for his arrest. He had not one violent arrest in his past only 4 drunk driving tickets. There were over 40 bullet holes through the walls of his home, when he refused to come out. His dog was also shot and killed. The case was turned over to the justice department and has been swept under the rug. The family and brothers of this man have still not seen the police reports as to what happened there that day. The house was shut down for a week as a crime scene and no one was alloud in the home. When we finally entered we were horrified. They had swept up the bloody remains and broken glass a filled up Tupperware containers and dishware with broken glass blood, hair and other matter and just left it there. The house was destroyed. The police that were there threatened us and told us to keep our mouths shut or we would be charged with harboring a felon since we owned the home he was living in. When we tried to contact a lawyer the DA threatened us with felony charges. A friend of a friend asked the coroner about the body and, his remarks were very unsettling. He had over 19 bullet holes in his back, chest and toso. Part of his head was blown off. With all the technology these local militarized departments purchase, there was apanently no other way to get this man to come out of the home other than fill him with lead? He left behind a daughter and a wife who committed suicide shortly after his death. RIP K. Bishell. See you on the other side

  • They arrested me,took my gun,gave me 2 years probation and no right to bear any firearm. Couldnt get any help un my case. Totally wrong.

  • RB funny how the truth offends,I was a police officer, worked gang unit and rapid response, when I left the force I got a thank you for your service now please surrender all your firearms letter. I promptly replied that it is my constitutional right to possess a firearm and if they wanted then they knew my address, but that I was raising five small kids all e and would defend my family and my home against all threats. They wrote my former Chief stating I had made implicit threats to which I replied I am no longer under your command I am civilian and a citizen it wasn’t a threat it was a promise. Will not relinquish my firearms ever. I left the gun grabbing nation now under Gov Crispy and moved south.

  • The militarization of law enforcement in this country is a real threat. We have been slapped in the face with the law of unintended consequences with such things as RICO and SWAT. The creators of these forms of extra-judicial punishment even acknowledge that they are not being used properly as they were designed for. SWAT’s original purpose was to maintain a perimeter for negotiators to be utilized. 30 years ago normal, everyday officers performed most of the jobs now done by “street warriors”. The problem is that these “warriors” are perpetrating war on the citizens of this country. This is done with ROEs that is are lax than what we have to follow in combat zones. The moment LEO’s commit to a “war” they adopt an antagonistic, violent, self-righteous attitude. Even a “good” cop is a part of a broken judicial system and whether they’ll admit it or not are therefore part of the problem. We now live in a country where the ones society expects protection from are told by the broken judicial system they have no obligation to protect the citizenry. As a sidenote, Roadblock I have really enjoyed your books. Also most men speak on honor and principles, you have proven your character in my opinion. I’ve encouraged fellow soldiers and vets to look into your story. You set an example. My Respects.

  • I always believed it was my right to own and carry a firearm, and I also believe that it’s no ones business what I own or carry If I’m obeying the law, I to have been hit hard by the law in my home illegally, I’ve had my possession’s destroyed as well as stolen by law enforcement, I learned a very valuable lesson from there illegal search and destroy tactics. The law does not apply to the Law. God help the next bunch of criminals with badges that attack me or mine. As always Adios. MLL&R. #15 forever..

  • Roadblock we had the plesure to talk . I agre with what you have to say . YES our 2nd ammendmant IS A RIGHT that has been abused by our federal goverment,namely congress for political gain. At one tine a man commited a crime and DID HIS Time He wa sconsidered afree man. Now the feds consider you a crimanal until you die, THe Presidential pardon is ajoke. THey haven:t funded The ATF semsr 1992. This is straight off of there website So everyone usr ypou rights , Write letters to your congress man The President, Free the inslaved men and women wrongly jailed in there on homes without protection from home breakends and thugs,

  • Currently, the application of gun control laws is based on an idea that started with the end of slavery. Gun control was originally implemented to only apply to blacks, and the democratic party began a system of segregation that was originally designed to take away the freedoms given to non whites. Basically it boiled down to making sure that non whites had no ability to care for themselves without permission. Ideas like fishing and hunting licenses were implemented to refuse them the ability to feed their families, and gun control was a way to stop non whites from defending themselves from the abuses of former slave owners.

    As society became more accepting and integrated with other races, the laws were more liberally applied to all races as opposed to just minorities. As a result, the evolution of firearms laws began to become more strict, and a small piece at a time the guarantee for our freedom began to slip away. A good example of this is the National Firearms Act (NFA). It is the law that defines the use and sale of things like Full Auto, Silenced and short barreled firearms. It was originally applied for the first time against a moonshiner in Georgia, but it was struck down by a Georgia court as unconstitutional. The attorney then took it to the supreme court on behalf of the ATF, and because the moonshiner was not able to travel to court, the ATF was awarded a default judgment. The idea was simply based on making the tax on some firearms so expensive that it would prohibit most from owning them at all. Fortunately, this was never expanded to apply to all firearms.

    With these controls put into place over time, and with the laws we have in place to protect the American people from being subjugated by our own military force there was a need to do more. And along side the fact that the vast majority of military members would back the people before they backed the government, there was a need to create a military type force that was willing to stand against the American public. SWAT was invented and the militarization of law enforcement began. The government started allowing more and more power to law enforcement, and augmenting them with military equipment. They were given a special set of rules and guidelines, and a whole new and totally independent mode of operation.

    As recently as just a few years ago, the US joined the United Nations in a Law Enforcement Cooperation Agreement that allows specialized LEO units (SWAT) from any nation that is a member of the UN functional police powers and near diplomatic consideration in the event of a crime in any nation that is part of the UN as a whole. This provides a world wide militarized force with the ability to move in and take control of any nation in the world, and they are not military, so they don’t violate any laws or treaties.

    This is the same tactic used most commonly in warfare, only on a far grander scale. You go in, disarm the people to minimize the threat, instate laws, regulations, and rules to control as much as you can, arm those that you can convince to do your bidding, and take absolute control. The US does it, and teaches others to do it (I found out first hand when I served in the US military). The difference being that with the American people, these things are being implemented slowly as to keep a second revolution from happening.

    As it was said, “It would be foolish to invade America, there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass”

    And if you want to know how to change it, realize that We The People are truly the ones in control. As the riots have shown us, when we stand together against those that would do this to us, the will realize that we are in control, not them.

  • The Founding Fathers wrote our Constitution to set guidelines for people and government. We have the right to bear arms. Our judicial system, in my opinion, should place energy on addressing the causes of problems rather than placing blame on an object. It’s easier to find excuses for human behavior than dig for reason behind it.

    I thank the privilege to carry as it has prevented harm to me more than once.

  • That is an interesting article. As I read over the SWAT part, I am reminded of a story that was in the local media two weeks ago in NE Tennessee. A county sheriff did not want to return an M113 Armored Personnel Carrier like I used in the military! That equipment is still in use by the military just different variations. The Sheriff proclaimed he needed the vehicle for high-water rescues along one of the aggressive rivers that people kayak/canoe every year. He said he needed the equipment but when questioned, he couldn’t recall an incident that it was used. He was trying to justify needing more funds to maintain the vehicle which is costly to the taxpayer. The taxpayers and press placed him under enough pressure citing “Posse Comitatus Act” and he finally caved and returned the M113 to the feds. Why does any agency need automatic weapons, grenades, armored vehicles, and other military equipment? I don’t care about all the riots that have risen in the past decade. I believe that the law enforcement community should not have access to anything that the civilian populace.

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