Do You Want Cops In Your Motorcycle Club

OPINIONS: By W. T. RoadBlock Harrell

During some recent conversations, my riding partners told me they are not happy with the recent upsurge of LEOs attempting to join non-LEO MCs. Why would a LEO want to join a non-LEO MC, particularly those clubs fighting for our rights? Well, recent history answers that question.

On May 17th, 2015, in Waco Texas nine (9) people were killed, nineteen (19) wounded and one hundred seventy-seven (177) arrested. We were subjected to bogus and slanted news reports, with naïve reporters believing LEO leaders instead of doing investigative reporting. The American public was told that evil motorcycle gangs clashed violently in a public place, endangering families and bystanders, and blasted each other to pieces. Who among us believed that bullshit?

Swanton, the man who gave the open fire order

The man who gave the open fire order

Unlike the general public, we scrambled to find videos, eye-witnesses’ testimony, attorneys-in-the-know, and ultimately, the coroner’s reports. We wanted the truth.

Take a Look at the Facts

First: The Texas Coalition of Clubs and Independents (TCOC&I), a political activist organization, had scheduled a noon meeting at the Twin Peaks Restaurant. This well-known organization has been active in Texas for twenty (20) years.

Second: State, county and federal law enforcement arrived ahead of the meeting. They set up video cameras in strategic locations that allowed them to video the parking lot in front of the restaurant. They placed their Paramilitary SWAT team members, armed with automatic weapons, in strategic positions to cover the parking lot.

Third: The Cossacks, a motorcycle club who wasn’t invited and didn’t get along with the COC&I, showed up. Why? The evidence shows that undercover agents in that club sent out an email to Cossack members saying they had been invited by the Bandidos MC. This was a lie; the Cossacks had not been invited.

Last: Witness interviews and videos establish that Cossacks members rode in and parked. Shortly afterwards, some members of the TCOC&I arrived, and a confrontation followed in the parking lot. This confrontation was followed by the ever-vigilant law enforcement officer-in-charge giving what he called an “Open Fire” order. The results? Nine dead, at least nineteen wounded, more than one hundred and seventy-seven arrested and held under million-dollar bonds, businesses closed, jobs and livelihoods lost, and families destroyed. All thanks to LEO.

Conclusion: Waco law enforcement deliberately attempted to destroy a political activist group, regardless of the loss of innocent lives. Waco law enforcement is responsible for the deliberate incitement of violence, murder, and denying citizens their civil rights. The law enforcement agencies involved are still stonewalling both the citizens and media while they frantically try to cover up their unlawful actions.

My Question: What hard lesson did we learn from this? Active lobbying and seeking legal relief from the courts to protect your civil rights can cost you your life when high-strung LEO officials become puppets of the Feds.

Law Enforcement agencies continue to excessively violate the laws and legal rights we all have. Their members –good or bad–have no place in the motorcycle clubs fighting for our rights.

I welcome your comments.

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29 Responses to Do You Want Cops In Your Motorcycle Club

  • RoadBlock, as always, you are right on the money. I believe that LE are trying to weaken our clubs in order to prevent resistance when the SHTF. It’s well known that the clubs are chock full of military trained veterans who are capable of organizing & training militias. Call me a conspiracy nut, but all the evidence points to government subjugation of our people.

  • Outstanding RoadBlock. I’d bet most clubs have agents in them. Scary.

  • no, I don,t want tosee cops, via with motorcycle clubs,they just don,t belong together!

  • I have life long friends who are in law enforcement. I agree with you 100% that I do not want them in my motorcycle club. It will cause problems. What happened in Waco shows once again how so called law enforcement view motorcycle riders. We must continue to stand united against these so called officials who think it’s fine to murder innocent people. The government is afraid of any group that will challenge their power. People need to open their eyes and understand it’s not just the motorcycle clubs that are the targets of this corrupt system. We will stand together and we will get justice in the end. We know who the enemy is and we will stand together.

  • I see programs on television all the time where members of certain MC,s giving interviews about the activities of there clubs.I don’t think that is a very good idea.Especialy since LE is already doing there best to destroy a way of life that American Citizens most of who fought and died for the very Freedom that LE are trying to destroy.

  • good read. right on target

  • Insightful commentary….as an independent rider, I can attest that any club that knowingly allows cops amongst their membership, is in fact a cop club. I have known cops over the years, I have known cops over the years that will rock and roll when it comes time to ride, but in the end, they are still cops and will side with their own. I do not trust cops that put up a facade with regards to putting aside their badge after they take off their uniform. Once a cop, always a cop, once a snitch, always a snitch….you cannot play wannabe johnny-law during the week and then wannabe johnny-badass once the badge comes off…

  • Bylaws been in place way before I got my patch no badges of any kind. They drew the line in the sand at Waco still a lot of chatter at our COC it ain’t over!!!!! Always good to get a update!!!!💀💀💀💀

  • Right on Target Roadblock.
    Thanks again for your thoughts and insight.

  • All of this is true. We are being attacked by a force that is first going after any group or person who they see as a threat to their agenda.
    When we are gone the sheeple who believe anything the tube feeds them will be next. The Oligarchs of the world want total control and the only way they can be stopped is by Patriots such as those in MC’s.

  • This truth needs to be exposed and action to prevent this from happening at another location needs to be implemented. Thanks for sharing this information. Be safe and Ride FREE!!!

  • Well, it’s like this, when you start introducing factions within your MC that will ultimately cause undue drama you’re going to end up at the bottom of a big pile of horse crap. Let’s keep it simple, no donuts, watermelon, or tampons allowed.

  • They’re trying to live in both worlds, and it can’t be done. In our world our rules are the only ones. You’re dead on as usual. L&R

  • Old school answer to your question is the 3 Cs ! No Colored’s , Cunt’s, or Cop’s ! I’m not aware of any changes to those . But I’m Old School .

  • Our club will continue attending COC ,United Clubs ,Abate,etc.Nevada cop started the chaos with Mongols/Hells Angels,im sure they did also in Waco.RIP all brothers assaulted /killld by LEO.

  • I’m now retired and formal President of my club and I have and always will oppose any LE in our club.shit don’t mix.

  • Sorry but this article is BS. The police ALWAYS set up surveillance on motorcycle clubs meeting where trouble may occur. They knew these two 1%er clubs were coming and that is why they set up surveillance and were heavily armed as they should be. Next, the 1%er clubs started fighting when one ran over another one in the parking lot. A fight ensued and then shots fired. Officers that were stationed there were shot at and returned fire. The rest is still under investigation. People like you that just have a hatred for law enforcement disgust me. There is two types of people that hate cops. The ones that tested and no department wanted and those that were too stupid to pass the test. When one plays with shit, they can get stink on them. Why don’t you wait for the complete investigation to be over before crucifying the ones you call when your ass is in trouble and stop making up BS stories that have no factual basis to them?

    • Tom Lahey, Thank you for your comment. The police don’t always set up surveillance at motorcycle club POLITICAL ACTIVIST’S MEETINGS. I am the chairman of a Florida COC and NONE of our political activist meetings are surrounded by SWAT and numerous LE organization. Also NONE of those organization’s members have sent out bogus email messages inciting violence responsible for 9 murders, 19 wounded and 177 charged for LE’s criminal actions. I believe the U.S. Supreme Court has determined that inciting violence is a Federal Crime. Evidently you think its ok for law enforcement to violate the law like this. After all they are just club members and bikers, right?

      • RoadBlock,
        It’s so obvious that the guy “Wizard” is a Troll! You’d have to be brain dead with no electronic connection to the outside world.

    • Explain, please, why any member of an MC, busy dealing with another MC, would turn and shoot at a cop carrying an M16. Check the Coroner’s reports on the dead. Most were killed with 5.56mm. Many shot in the back. Most of us are military and we know exactly what that means.. save your story for the judge.

  • Well RoadBlock my Brother as always your correct. I Just had myunity ride yesterday yover 100 bikes from my OHIO COC. WE were not followed and cameras that we know of. Maybe the fuck up in Waco is beinglooked at by other departmentys , Who knows? So we DO NOT ALLOW COPS of anyknd in our COC or clubs associated with us. Ohio State Commissioner Sleezy 1% er

  • Great article! If all people stood up to speaking the truth and no fudging , or your own idea’s of what went down in any situation, this world would be a better place. The only people who know the truth is who ever was at the occurring situation. Needless to say that our news, some caps, some people can’t seem to tell the truth, or don’t always tell the real presentation of what went down. It is sad that people are judged by what they represent, etc. Keep up the good work so people know the other side of the stories.

  • No I think they should stay with their own. Maybe they are good or maybe not. Just don’t take chances.

  • You know what would solve all this? I mean it is simple, but simple minds can’t seem to comprehend, that if all the clubs stopped acting like bullies they wouldn’t be able to do anything. Seriously I have seen some stupid shit over the years. Guys shooting each other over a t-shirt, or shoe laces, or tattoos. Clubs getting scared of potential hits to their membership because another club opens up somewhere so they start fighting and shooting. Club MEMBERS (note I’m not saying club itself) getting worried about their drug sales when other clubs come around. What the hell do you guys think is going to happen? Here’s a tip; stop acting like high school girls under the guise of being traditional honorable men, kick the dopers out, and put the guns down because the more you fall into that bullshit the more ammo you give the Feds. You WILL get caught. They WILL bust you in the long run, and you will ultimately pay the price as an individual. It’s 2015 not 1975 but try telling that to some people. Sorry for ranting but it’s rediculous that men are still fighting over such trivial and stupid bullshit like bottom rockers or what you can wear. I’m not dumb enough to slap on a three piece patch or put a diamond on my vest without earning it but if I did and someone came to try and rob me of my first amendment (irony that we are talking rights here) then I would gladly introduce them to the 2nd amendment and I think that’s the mindset of most people on this planet.

  • Right on, man! Fuckin’ undercover feds set up the whole thing and an undercover agent sparked it and I think that it’s all related to the Cossacks having messed with the human and drug trafficking on the border via private contract. So, the money was not flowing properly and the feds had to hold up their end to the cartels.

    I was also there when they planted a fake bomb scare at the Waco All for one rally at the courthouse. I am on video interview for radio legendary spouting off my two cents worth.

  • I’m an ex Police Officer. I am also friends with 1% club members. I respect and enjoy supporting my 1%er friends. To be honest. I trust and respect my motorcycle club friends more than I do my law enforcement Ex-friends. I left law enforcement because I didn’t like what I was becoming and the crap I was seeing. My so called cop brothers were a joke. I’d rather have a 1% club member by my side than any of my back stabbing law enforcement personnel. I would make a damn good club member. I’m an open book. I’M loyal and I am trusted and respected by my 1%er club friends.unfortunately I don’t qualify to be a club member. I would love to wear their patch on my back but it would never happen. So I will have to be a loyal supporter and ride with the guys I respect. I was a good cop and I would make a better 1% motorcycle club member. I guess that makes me a 2%er lol. Have a good and safe day!

    • Im in the same situation bro, i became a cop about 17 years ago and quite from all the BS, now i can never join an MC because of that so many years ago, just riding alone now

  • I too am a retired cop. Spent 40 years in the business and have seen all kinds of crap. I trust my motorcycle friends a hell of a lot more than any of my past “partners”. I have never had an issue with any of the 1% clubs. I have sat in a bar many times with them having a few drinks and shooting the shit. I never tried to hide the fact that I was a cop. I was always honest about it, and respected their lifestyle as well as each one of them. Honesty and respect goes a long way with me. I can’t tell you how many times that I have stopped and helped a 1%er on the side of the road. Always nice and polite to me, and I returned the favor. Never have felt uncomfortable around them. Not ALL cops are bad. Some of us were there to actually try and make a difference in someone’s life.

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