IN MY OPINION: The judicial system in America is broken and no longer protects the constitutional rights of the American citizens!

On August 31, 2013, there was an Associated Press Release, by Investigative Reporter Charles Wilson stating; “Indianapolis Man accused as enforcer for motorcycle gang wants to plead no contest to racketeering.” I believe this news report demonstrates just how far government prosecutors will go to win cases and destroy the motorcycle clubs in this country.

I believe the courts have become nothing more than a political stepping stone for unethical media hungry prosecutors. They unscrupulously no longer protect the constitutional rights of American citizens and daily betray the oath they took to do so.

In this article the federal prosecutor claims that it isn’t enough that this man enter a no contest plea to the Racketeering charge. This is even though the court still could punish him as if he were found guilty at trial. But, that would let him accept individual responsibility.

It’s not enough that an individual is willing to accept responsibility for his own actions. Before he can enter a guilty plea the prosecutor demands he debrief and swear and sign a statement that the prosecutor’s version of events are accurate even if all or parts of it are completely false.

Furthermore, the prosecutor stated that allowing no contest pleas for Bowser and other Outlaws would undermine government efforts to dismantle the Motorcycle Club as a racketeering organization.

Like any government program the use of RICO laws to prosecute Motorcycle Clubs began small in the 80s targeting only 4 clubs, but has now grown to include over 500.

(1.) The problem here is that unlike Traditional organizations like the Mafia, Drug Cartels and Street Gangs, Motorcycle clubs aren’t organized for the sole purpose of profiting from criminal activity.

(2.) Today’s Motorcycle club members have families, they work or are retired and are responsible tax paying members of their communities. And, they are entitled to be treated as such.

(3.) Motorcycle clubs cannot truly be called secretive. How secretive is it when you ride a motorcycle, wear an identifying sign on your back and identify your clubhouses with large signs out front?

History shows us what happened when other governments selected and classified specific groups of individuals as undesirables and set out special rules to get rid of them. Because of the principles America was founded on, and belief in our Constitution, we went to war and destroyed them. Our constitution was supposed to protect us from government abuses such as this, but those protections have slowly been eroded.

I readily admit that there are individuals in the clubs who are involved in criminal activity, but that is true in almost every organization. This includes government organizations, agencies and law enforcement.

America is based on individual rights and responsibilities and our constitution guarantees those rights. Harassing and holding all members of an organization responsible for acts of a few is not just wrong, but is a violation of human rights and constitutional law.

Enough already, stand together with me and let’s fight for those rights,

RoadBlock 1%er


  • Roadblock 1%,
    Thank you for this site and your quest for the truth and for standing up for our rights. I was searching the web trying to find out more about what happened in Waco and came across this site. Can’t tell you how nice it is to come across this breath of fresh air. I don’t belong to any club, 1% or otherwise. I used to own a custom and repair shop and dealt with everyone who rides. Club or not all were treated equal and with as much respect as was given to me. I don’t pretend to know club business and don’t want to know. I’ve always been the ride alone mind my own kind of guy. But I can tell you this, if we all don’t band together and stand up for our rights, no one else will do it for us. We all need to stop letting these piss ant ( clubs? ) interfere and instigate shit just so they can call their brothers in blue instead of acting like MEN and just take their ass wipping and learn from it. I have been on both sides of that coin and not once called the cops. I’ve had to call a couple brothers if the case warranted but never the cops and never pulled a gun just because of an ass whipping. Enough of my rant, just wanted to thank you for the breath of fresh air.
    Thanks, Mike

  • In this topsy turvey world where right is wrong and wrong is right, we now have illegal aliens whose rights are more protected under the US Constitution than are the natural born citizens, much less 1%ers. Great insights RB

  • Not only is the judicial branch, but the executive ann legislature is broke, too. We had a good run. It sucks being part of the living generations that watched America fall. We jumped the shark when LBJ set up JFK for ventilation in his cranium. Its been a downhill slouch up until the communist mulatto took over and itsbecame an avalanche. We are now East Germany, with block snitches on every street and in every organization. A stasi state.

  • My brother was a 1%er. I say was because he lost his battle with cancer in 2009. He was a good man. He spent 14 years in the US Army and twenty years employed for the same company, where he was on medical leave when he died. I was so proud of him and he always conducted himself in a respectful manner. He loved his club brothers, he also loved his family. He died an OUTLAW and took his colors and everything I could get on him when he was cremated. It makes me sick and it’s so hurtful when these “Biker Gang Shows” have to reach back to the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s to make clubs look bad. I have always said that the Federal Government employs some of the worst terrorist to be found any where. This is America and we’re suppose to have rights, what happened to our rights? I’m not some air head, uneducated person. I’m a 68 year old woman who worked all her adult life and now try to exist on Social Security. I am bitter that the US Government is the largest employer in the US. Some of these people earn their wages but, most of them are riding a gravy train. Enough Said!

  • This country has changed for the worst
    We as Americans have lost our basic
    Freedoms.This president said when he was campaigning that he was going to change things and he has done exactly
    what he said he would.The American Judicial System it seems to favor certain
    segments of the population and Target others for there beliefs and way of Life.

  • The RICO act could easily be applied to our congress. There’s more crime committed on Capitol Hill than there is in the MC’s

  • RB,

    ‘Always appreciate your take on these matters.

    I have noticed a theme that has worked its way into our language and become accepted as a “good thing”. As a motorcycle enthusiast, I have a different take on it. I am talking about “Crime Prevention”.

    No one in their right mind would object to the basic principles of avoiding crime with common sense behavior in the neighborhood and as an individual. Don’t do things that invite crime on yourself or family members. Protect your family and property.

    About 15 years ago I noticed a similarity in the way gun owners were treated compared to members of motorcycle clubs. Then I noticed the frequent use of the term “Crime Prevention”. Use of that term takes acceptability of militant police behavior up a notch from “acceptable” to “necessary”.

    The use of “Crime Prevention” is a propaganda win in the habitual violation of our rights as Americans and it’s a dead giveaway that the government is up to something.



  • Hello Roadblock,,

    Good article and also true,,The American Justice is a “”Multimillion” dollar a year business, the Government is building more prisons every day..You have to ask yourself a question, (Why does a Police Department need Tanks and Military weapons)? and why would a Police accept
    such weapons? Under Homeland Security, we are listed as “Domestic Terrorist”, we all so have “”Fusion Centers”” they are local agency’s
    that give information to the Feds,,
    It use to be the “Rico Act” then the Patriot Act, now we have the U.S.A. Freedom Act, jmo. but I believe that our government would like to take all of our Freedom,, sure looks that way…

    Best Regards


  • Roadblock,thank you for this article,and its my belief that We The People of the United States of America are being robbed of our Constitutional Rights by our own government that the American Citizens have put in place.
    My question simply is-what happened to this great nation of ours? Greed? Power? Technology-I think they are all key elements.

  • Great article and 100% truth. Our Constitution has been shredded, especially over the past 7 years. The America I grew up in during the 70s is gone. Political correctness is killing our country in my opinion. There should be term limits for congress. Power should be given back to the states. The federal government needs to stay out of the schools, churches, and stop spying on the American people. Get rid of the NSA, EPA, DHS and the IRS. Pass the Fair Tax. The IRS is one of the most corrupt agencies and needs to be abolished. And lastly, it’s been my experience if you are a registered gun owner, a registered Republican voter, member of the NRA-not only are you a target, you are also on a government watch list somewhere. They are watching your texts, emails, phone calls, facebook, and any other forum you post in which is bullshit. Government needs to worry about squashing terrorists, securing our borders, reducing the national debt, and allowing our military to do what they have been trained to do, not sensoring or stripping the rights of the American people. Yes, our judicial system is broken, our Constitution has been dismantled, our constitutional rights are being stripped away. Our Forefathers would be shooting by now!
    Just my 2 cents.
    Much Respect to you.


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