How long could your family survive if you were locked up on bogus charges in a concocted federal case?

A recent Outlaws Motorcycle Club case in Gainesville Georgia caught my attention. The government claims that two years into a federal investigation, this motorcycle club discovered there was a government informant in their chapter.


What happened to the informant in this case? Nothing! The chapter president simply disbanded the chapter. For this reasonable decision, he was indicted and charged with interfering with an ongoing federal investigation. Interfering how?
No threats were made nor any punitive actions taken against the alleged informant or agents. Yet the government tried to force a chapter president to help them make a case against himself and his chapter. Unbelievable? Read on.

The biggest problem is there was no probable cause for an investigation. To open an investigation, the government would need probable cause supported by evidence that the chapter’s members were already involved in criminal activity. Having no such evidence, the government had to devise and create the criminal activity themselves, something they have excelled at since my era. It’s no surprise that the criminal acts charged in this case were created and initiated by the agents themselves.

What is most alarming is their use of a jailed convicted felon to initiate the criminal activity. In this case, the federal agents promised him monetary rewards and Immunity for helping to fabricate cases against these club members.

Bear in mind–When federal agents hire a convicted felon to work for the government, he is not just an informant and instigator — he is in fact a federal employee.

Just think, in this case federal agents conspired with each other, including their convicted felon employee. They all agreed to knowingly and willfully violate both criminal and constitutional laws in a premeditated effort to make a criminal case against a motorcycle club.

Conspiracy to initiate a criminal enterprise is a crime and no one is above the law. This conduct by federal agents is a direct violation of the law and the constitutional rights of all citizens. Law enforcement has sworn an oath to protect the rights of everyone, not intentionally trample those rights with premeditated entrapment.

The bottom line here is the criminal conduct charged in this case was initiated by the government agents themselves.
What is more alarming is this case relies on the truthfulness of an incarcerated felon who made a deal with feds. This felon was promised money and immunity, and released from prison. In exchange, all he had to do was entrap the club members to salvage an otherwise wasted two-year federal investigation.


Here is what District Judge Richard Story said in the case of defendant Phillip Honeycutt: “The public out there wants me to do something, ‘Lock them up as long as you can.’ That’s what the public thinks. This is not one of those things where we can just turn our heads.”

Judge Story continued: “While the case may have been less palatable because of the government involvement, Honeycutt had been the one willing to do it.” What Story refers to is the convicted felon’s claim that he gave Honeycutt $200.00 to sit in his vehicle outside a business to let the felon know if he saw any cops. No evidence or recording was produced that Honeycutt knew what transpired inside, acted as look-out, or even had a conversation with the convicted felon/government employee.

The duty of a Judge is to rule on the law, and hold the government responsible for its illegal conduct in cases like this. “…what the public thinks” should have no bearing on the guilt or innocence of defendants. The law is the law.

Conclusion: For two years, the government kept everyone on home confinement wearing a leg monitor. Why? To give the prosecutor time to try desperately to extort them into entering a guilty plea, thus saving the bungled federal case. Five defendants refused and went to trial. In one case, three defendants were released on a directed verdict of NOT GUILTY by the Court (meaning the government failed to prove their case.) In another trial, two defendants were found NOT GUILTY by a jury.

Imagine the hell these men and their families went through during the long months they were locked up or on home confinement on false charges. Imagine waiting for justice, after seeing how far the feds would go to destroy your life to make their case. I have personally been there. So have our brother bikers in Waco, and many others across the U.S. You can be proven innocent, and still lose everything you have.


These petty LE tactics are immoral and criminal, destroying lives without conscience. You can’t afford to wait until you are the one locked up on phony charges while your family struggles to survive. These bullshit cases will continue to increase if our biker community doesn’t stand together and fight for our rights.

RoadBlock 1%er


  • RoadBlock 1%er,

    I appreciate the information. I will be sharing this with my Chapter and the Whole Club. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, it is appreciated!


  • Thank you RoadBlock for keeping this in the eyes of the MC world. There is a need to further expose these tactics by the government and for the MC world to stand together to fight for our constitutional freedoms. There is no room for petty disagreements with ourselves. We are not the enemy. The real enemy is jack-booted thugs who believe they are above the law. These laws were written by our forefathers to protect all citizens of this great country. For veterans, we swore an oath to protect the constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Keep up the good work RoadBlock. See you on the road soon.

  • It’s no secret that law enforcement at all levels has one goal. To destroy all the 1%er motorcycle clubs and in doing that they will establish the groundwork to shut down all motorcycle clubs. There is NO Freedom left in our country.

  • It amazes me how low the very people sworn to protect the people will go to make themselves look good and to hide the truth about wasting taxpayers money with bullshit investigations and false charges. Why dont you ever hear about them going after the true gangbangers and drug dealers that murder people every day ? Or why are they not going after the cops who shoot unarmed people and their buddies who help to cover it up ? I’m just amazed this country has gone down the shitter as far as it has.

  • this crap happens in the local courts also. i’m still fighting one which violates both my due process and speedy trial rights. it took over 18 months just to be arraigned from date of arrest

  • Just another example of how a crooked government works.Its really sad that the majority of society is not aware and doesnt recognize this fact..As some unfortunately knows, The R.i.c.o act itself is designed to assist the government and their manipulation,and fabrication to falsify criminal activities.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

  • When you go to court you see the judge, the cops and all the lawyers are one. It’s been that way as far back as I can remember. If you’re not one of them you are screwed. The legal system sucks. Thanks for enlightening us RoadBlock.

  • Vulture 1%’er got it right, there is no freedom left in amerika.


    • There are no rights unless you are willing to fight for them. I learned that much during my 30 years as a federal prisoner. Now, that is why I am leading the fight for our rights and freedom. “A warrior never gives up.”

      • You got that right, RB. Things are as screwed up as they are because enough people don’t care enough to take a stand for our rights. There’s still hope if enough of us will man up. Blessings, my friend!

  • When all else fails….lie, lie, lie!

  • The public? I’m going to take a shot in the dark here and guess that most of ‘the public’ didn’t know anything about this case. I am not affiliated with any MC. As a tax paying citizen I can tell you the only time we hear anything about a 1% MC is when something like Waco happens which was a set-up in my opinion. We never hear about the good things these clubs do within their communities. Here’s what ‘the public’ really thinks Judge. You and the entire government are wasting taxpayers money. You should be tracking terrorists that chant ‘Death to America’…Not MC’s.

  • So basically, these cops conspired in the commission of a felony thus violating the RICO act. And where are the feds? It seems like a pretty much cut and dried case.

  • Very well written. Even sheeple should understand what has been going on for a long time.
    However, Sounds like History may repeat itself.
    Martin Niemöller said it first.

  • Again Roadblock you are spot on. The root cause of this problem is not the officers doing this but the leadership from the top down. While we as citizens and bikers sit idly by,silently, and allow it to happen

  • Years ago when bikers were talking about our government making it illegal to be a biker everybody thought that was funny. Well now it is coming true and it is not so funny anymore. We need to all put our differences aside and unite as one because it’s happening now brothers and sisters. The government wants us to fight amongst ourselves and stay separated because if we unite as one we could be unstoppable! It’s coming people.

  • It happened to me. False charge, you lose everything, and they won’t quit. Judge quashed criminal record of the informant. Deception and lies. No justice.

  • Thank you Roadblock 1%er..A true Man of Honor…Only the strong survive and you are the living proof . OFFO.

  • If there was ever a doubt about the necessity for motorcycle clubs to unite for the common purpose of fighting profiling and discrimination, that doubt no longer exists. The culmination of numerous events has placed the motorcycle club community at the crossroads.
    Choosing the wrong path creates the very real possibility that we will not Save The Patch, we will not successfully overcome the stigma from Waco, we will not successfully pass laws combating profiling and discrimination, and the culture of motorcycle clubs as we now know it will, for all intents and purposes, disappear.
    Choosing the other path, the path of unifying the motorcycle club world for the purpose of securing our mutual right to exist free from discrimination, is the best chance the club community has of surviving and protecting the freedoms engrained in the Constitution.
    The choice is simple. The Motorcycle Profiling Project embraces the path of survival and promotes the unification of the motorcycle club and motorcycle rights community based on the idea that rights of expression and association in a free society must be protected in order for a truly democratic society to exist.
    Let us all choose the right path.

  • Amigo, you are right. IF we don’t stand together they will do away with us one at a time. No longer in a club but have seen it coming for a while. RoadBlock great article. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  • Police charge me with carrying out of class insinuating I took a handgun after bringing it to the precinct to have it inspected and added to my license, I returned to work and left it in my LOCKED SUV before going home 2-3 hours later. When I questioned first to not admitting to that but if that happened, so what. It was in a locked environment. They didn’t like that and added, well you left work with a woman in a red Mustang convertible and disappeared for 2 hours or more leaving the car unwatched – NEVER happened and when I denied it, and they said they had a witness and he looked the other way as not to look into my eyes, I was told either I cooperate or else I would be put in jail. They confiscated all of my licensed pistols, along with my wife’s and took both of our licenses. When talked to at PD pistol section, FED agent came into the room and basically said being I road and wore a support patch for the ruling 1% club, unless I gave info to put someone away with them, don’t expect your license back. When asked if I stepped down or removed my patch, I was told I would be no use to them so the situation would be the same with my license – I respected and felt I was on very friendly terms with all in the pistol dept. as having my license since 1990 and kept impeccable records and each pistol was locked up and safely kept with legal magazines and no other issue – but on that date, both myself and my wife lost faith in the police as seeing them do whatever they wanted and breaking the laws and lying to try to get what they felt they could and being stupid enough to believe there was something to give when there was nothing there at all.
    So long story but as it turned out, many others wearing a patch and also a support patch for the 1% club also had their guns and licenses also taken away – we are treated unfairly and if we just shrug our shoulders and don’t act upon it, we also will be in situations where our bikes, our jobs and our houses might be confiscated by these corrupt police that base their decisions on the fact we must be bad because we look like tough guys –

  • Very well written, and informative. Hopefully those that believe whatever LE Spoon Feeds them will take note. It’s always been that way. It is not just happening in the United States… I went through the same thing here in Canada with Project Retire. 174 arrests, hundreds of BS charges, property seizures, Job’s lost through being incarcerated with exaggerated bail requirements, years waiting for even a hint of disclosure, hundreds of thousands in legal fee’s (millions for a few), and in the end, 19 Guilty Plea’s for no reason other than Financial Hardship. Not 1 of which was actually won by the Prosecutor through a Trial. Families Destroyed…. and all from a couple Unworthy Members that decided they didn’t want to work for a living and took ridiculous amounts of Federal Funding on a regular basis, with the intention of gathering evidence of crime by criminals. None of which ever sat in a courtroom to face those they have aided LE in gathering such evidence.
    If even 1 Sheeple takes the time to investigate these Crimes by the so called Law Enforcement, instead of taking whatever they read or see from LE, then this time taken by RB (MLL&R BROTHER) will have at least served a purpose. Let the people finally see who the REAL Criminals are !

  • Thanks Roadblock 1%er for keeping us up on bullshit that our government is pulling on us. Joe citizen really doesn’t have a cue.

  • Great article as always well written and knowing about this case same as Waco Bull Shit!!

  • Thanx for sharing the news that’s not shown and informing on things not told anywhere else…..Good job. Roadblock….Never stop….

  • WoW! Beautifully written! The first couple of paragraphs automatically made me stop and send it to my husband. Thank You!!!

  • Is there a link you can provide to a story or something on this incident? Like alot with Waco, Iv not heard a thing on this incident at all.

  • Thanks for the info Roadblock. It is so true. I am one of the patch holders caught up in the Waco incident and have had my life torn to pieces. If it wasn’t for my wonderful wife, I would be homeless or still in jail. What the law did was arrest 177 witnesses that saw law enforcement murder bikers. I don’t have the words to describe my heart ache and pain I feel for the families of those killed. I have nightmares of the event and have suffered great emotional trauma. I held the hand of one of my brothers as they let him lay there and die after shooting him three times. Please let me in on any groups that are formed to fight these murdering judicial gangsters. God bless the patch holders.

  • Keep the truth coming Roadblock, I was one of 38 2003 with bullshit Paid snithes , I say no more . Sleezy 1%er

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