mc Brotherhood Under Attack

Sunday-Run---Florida-2010There is a serious breakdown of brotherhood and standards of conduct in our motorcycle clubs today. The missing variable is “honor.” Without honor there can be no brotherhood. Some club members only have allegiance because it is convenient, not because they are interested in being part of a true brotherhood, where honor is everything.

Brotherhood, honor, loyalty and responsibility are severely tested in RICO cases where large numbers of motorcycle members are indicted and face long sentences. There’s a lot of pressure to accept the government’s plea deals instead of fighting for your freedom. When the chips are down, history has show us that the dishonorable fold.

Dishonorable members refuse to accept responsibility for their own actions, and instead blame their club for their criminal conduct. Instead of fighting charges that could possibly be beaten, these gutless cowards scurry to suck the government’s tit, seeking sweetheart plea deals from the government. These sweetheart plea deals involve more than just admitting guilt for their own actions. The politically-motivated prosecutor doesn’t make a plea deal with them for simply pleading guilty. He wants a LOT more.

FIRST, the defendants are debriefed by the case agents, and coached to give information to fit the prosecutor’s version of events.

SECOND, they agree to testify and/or sign the statement of facts prepared by the prosecutor, listing their involvement and that of other club members.

THIRD, they have to name their motorcycle club as a criminal organization and/or Racketeering Enterprise.

Regardless of what they say or sign, they are fully aware the Club doesn’t require anyone to commit criminal acts to be a member. To save their own ass, they assist the government in prosecuting other members by claiming ALL club members are criminals.

I am speaking on behalf of myself and the true 1%er club members who, during the last three decades, set the standards of conduct when indicted and prosecuted in RICO cases. In 1982-83, in the first RICO case against my Motorcycle Club, my co-defendants and I went to trial challenging the government’s charges. In the end, we were found guilty and accepted responsibility for our actions. We didn’t blame our conduct on our club, or club brothers. Each of us had made the individual decision to commit the crimes we were found guilty of, not our club.

Many true 1%er motorcycle club members have followed our example over the years and helped establish the standards of conduct we expect of our club’s members today. It is only a given few who bend over to keep the feds happy, and disgust and demoralize their own club. The true brothers stay strong, and committed to their club, having learned the hard way what “Brotherhood” and “Honor” mean.

Meanwhile the U.S. Justice Department continues to ignore the fact that our Constitution states that everyone, including motorcycle club members, are entitled to equal protection under the law; this includes not being punished or profiled for someone else’s crimes. The sensational claims of Law Enforcement and the media that motorcycle clubs are criminal organizations violate that equal protection guarantee. Their fight to destroy motorcycle clubs will not be successful, however, as long as club members remain honorable and fight for their rights in the Courts.

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  • Good evening.
    Just read this one, and was thinking what a shame not enough Brothers got the memo before the mess in Waco transpired. Maybe it could have been avoided. Maybe not. I don’t guess we’ll ever know, will we? Anyway, good writing, I like your thoughts on things, and I do share your stuff on my FaceBook page when I make it over here.

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