When I finally took a breather — just about impossible this time of year — I realized this was my fifth Christmas spent at home with family and friends. My wife reminded me of the pure hell of visiting a loved one in prison during the holidays: driving all night to stand in line for hours to get maybe thirty minutes in bedlam. The worst part was watching the kids say goodbye to their fathers when it was time to leave. If that didn’t make a man decide to change careers, nothing would.

With all the bad national news lately, it’s easy to forget that a lot of people are fighting their own private battles without making the news. Some of you ask for prayers, often for someone else, but you never whine — even with a child or elderly parent in the hospital, stacks of bills that can’t be paid, the loss of a job, or just One More Thing that comes along and knocks your feet out from under you.

My wife and I would like to take a moment to recognize and offer our respect to those of you determined not to give up as you deal with life’s challenges this holiday season. Your refusal to admit defeat or be a “victim” shows your personal courage and strength. These days, that’s worth a lot. When the dust settles and the big shots are on to their next headline, you’ll know who your true friends are, and what you are capable of surviving due to your own grit and resolve. You are the example for your loved ones and friends, not the politicians.

We wish all of our friends peace and resolve this holiday season and throughout 2015.
RoadBlock and Krisan


  • The best of everything for you and your Lady, RB. I’ve sat in that same chair, tried to catch the words over the screaming children, crying wives, and shouting hacks. I know.

    And I know the joy of spending time with family, even with all the outside troubles we may have.

    May your Yule, and the year it brings in, be happy and successful, and long may you ride.



  • Merry Christmas to you and all that you hold dear, your words are certainly true …

  • I just want to say is merry Christmas safe new year of 2015 god bless to you and your family

  • Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your family 2015 is going to be a great Black n White year 80th anniversary and a big thanks to you for standing strong and showing people like me the way it’s supposed to be done

  • Merry Christmas, Roadblock and Krisan! Thank you for being an inspiration to me and so many more people in this world. I hope to meet you one day. Peace!

    Frequent Flyer

  • Merry Christmas RB. To you and your family God Bless and thank you for the inspiration.

  • Words well said.. Thank you for all you have done and for all your word of insight. Looking fwd to the next time we get to talk. Even if for a short time. Pup.

  • well after spending 3 or maybe 4 Christmas day with roadblock in FMC Lexington I know first hand how it feels to do the visiting drill in the fed I wish all the best to him and his much respect

  • Hi r b all the best to an your family an a happy 20 15 from allan in uk

  • merry Christmas to you and your family also Roadblock…..

  • Happy Holidays to you & your beautiful wife & family. Thank you for your words of wisdom on not giving up. I am one of the people that does fight on a daily basis….MLL&R

  • Wr wish you both the best we been thru out trial also and se want to wish you both a merry christmas…and a a great life…

  • Merry Christmas to you and Krisan Brotherman.
    Love & Respect

  • Merry Christmas to you and yours. Can’t tell you how much your friendship means to George and I. Take care and have a great New year.

    • Thank you the friendship works both ways and you both are friends that I value greatly. I think 2015 will be a good year for us all.

  • Merry Christmas RB an family…

  • Thank you so much for that very special and meaningful post. For a lot of us, that gives us the push to not give up, just knowing that someone else out there said not to. Sometimes it just takes the words of one friend to change the outlook of another and therefore, change their life. Thank you for that. May you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year. MLL&R, always.

  • merry Christmas to unoth

  • glad you are able to enjoy life in the fast lane and that you have KRISAN and afew close family members left to share with. Brownie Stapleton. (My dad was 90 on my b-day)asking him to move here from Tx was another bad idea.cousin Carolyn( buddy’s sis)can’t move here and I don’t like Tx.you are so lucky to have Krisan.stay Happy,&Healthy JGLOVE

  • I am so happy for you and your family God bless you both . Happy new year .

  • We all have families,issues and problems. Mine are nothing compared to others. Lost my father in law 9/26 and having to deal with his house,will,etc. My mom is 91 and has dementia. Life and death are part of life. I have a house,a good husband and a job that I’ve had for 15 years. My life is not bad. I’m blessed.

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