Political Unification – The Key To The Survival Of Motorcycle Clubs

IN MY OPINION: This article by David “Double D” Devereaux, of motorcycleprofilingproject.com) sets out the only chance America’s motorcycle clubs and independent riders have of receiving the rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

“If there was ever a doubt about the necessity for motorcycle clubs to unite for the common purpose of fighting profiling and discrimination that doubt no longer exists. The culmination of numerous events has placed the motorcycle club community at the crossroads.

Choosing the wrong path creates the very real possibility that we will not successfully overcome the stigma from Waco, we will not successfully pass laws combating profiling and discrimination, and the culture of motorcycle clubs as we now know it will, for all intents and purposes, disappear.

Choosing the other path, the path of unifying the motorcycle club world for the purpose of securing our mutual right to exist free from discrimination, is the best chance the club community has of surviving and protecting the freedoms ingrained in the Constitution.

The choice is simple. The Motorcycle Profiling Project embraces the path of survival and promotes the unification of the motorcycle club and motorcycle rights community based on the idea that rights of expression and association in a free society must be protected in order for a truly democratic society to exist.

Let us all choose the right path.”

David “Double D” Devereaux* *David Devereaux is the Chair and Spokesperson of the Washington State Confederation of Clubs and US Defenders,  The Motorcycle Profiling Project, and also works with the Confederation of Clubs and US Defenders at the national level.
Contact: doubled@motorcycleprofilingproject.com, motorcycleprofilingproject.com)

17 Responses to Political Unification – The Key To The Survival Of Motorcycle Clubs

  • I have said this for years. If all the clubs could put aside their differences and fight together, we would be unstoppable.

    • Most citizens when pushed turn and run but bikers push back. I feel its only a matter of time before bikers and CLUBS draw that line in the sand!!! May GOD help us all because it will be ugley !!!!🇺🇸💀SFFS

    • I agree bonding together would build a much stronger and larger group and make all situations and matters that much more powerful

  • Well written and to the point. Keep it up RoadBlock.

  • Roadblock my Brother from a different mother. I have meet double D and he is a sharp brother and only brings his A game to the table when it involves club rights. He came to austin to speek before a committee on motor cycle rights and safety issues (mainly in regards to the profiling of patched riders). He was very well received and , he was instrumental in getting a No profiling bill passed in Washington state. So cutting to the chase : Hell yes let’s get it together and fight the good fight !!! Love you Brother. C1%ER

  • This very true unification of all is the only way to secure our rights in this anti national , anti American world we live in .
    Texas COC &I Member.

  • Many of us have known for years that the only winner when clubs have problems with one another is the LAW. Many members of different clubs have worked for years to find a way the end the differences, but could not find a way to accomplish this. WACO has pointed out just how serious the problem has become. Hopefully the leaders and the membership of all the clubs will find a positive path before it is too late.

    • It may be something small, but here’s a thought from an M/C VP (not 1%):

      I have often thought that something simple like a uniform patch, signifying being a veteran should be included as mandatory on ever M/C member who is a vet.

      My thought is, that if every club had a dude or dude wearing this patch (can’t think of a club that doesn’t have several vets in most every chapter), when clubs have issues on a local level, there are automatically dudes who have common history. If these guys are easy to pick out from the bunch, problems could be avoided before they even started.

      Just a theory, but one I have held for years.

      USMV MC

      • Nonya: A similar idea was tried in the late 90’s, as three major veteran’s MC’s sat down and worked out an initial agreement to form a Veterans Coalition (V/C) in which eventually all of the veteran MC’s, RC’s, associations, etc., would become a part of; the idea being that we would become a loud and large voice as a group to congress, the VA, and even state veterans affairs agencies. Unfortunately, political differences between the clubs got in the way, and the idea was shelved. As you said, just about every club in the country has a veteran, or several in it, and once known, the bond of service transcends the patch, and a new relationship begins between those veterans. My club has a National Liaison – a brother who has been appointed to that position because of his background, demeanor, attitude, who when necessary becomes the face and voice of our club to other clubs. The less it’s “us” and “them” and the more it’s WE, the better for all of us (see my comment about the newly forming Council of Clubs).

        Chairman, Alabama COC
        National Pres. In Country (Vietnam) MC

  • Guy has good view on situation, Roadblock……been around a while and it seems that LE view of clubs and riders in general is a bigger concern than territory and club differences,,,,Ben Franklin said at time of American Revolution…” We must all hang together, or surely we will all Hang separately “…!!!! COC is doing a good job, as are for you by keeping all informed…..Respect…..Bud…

  • This unification project is sorely needed. The time for clubs to settle differences and focus on the real enemy. The loss of our rights as US citiizens. If we stand by and do nothing, we will witness the downfall of our lifestyle.

  • I totally agree. Everyone must come together and fight this as one or we all will forever regret it. Right now they have the upper hand but if we all unite as one then they will have no choice but to stop the bullshit and change their ways and for us to get our constitutional rights back.

  • We have a louder voice as one. Not to mention the numbers alone are a force to recognize and pay heed to. It isn’t a call for revolt but a call to respect our rights as citizens.

  • Well said I’m in let’s do it I’m ready to offer my time and services and anything else I can do to win this war against what we love dearly our bikes and freedom

  • I been praying for this a long time. If two or more agree it shall come to pass. Amen! Thank you Double D and Mr Roadblock 1%er

  • The Only way to defeat the North American leadership & LE is unity ! We All live under the thumb of a political hypocrisy built on a “Divide & Conquer” foundation. They use Laws & propaganda to promote fear & loathing tween “We the People”. MC’s need a treaty & a pact of solidarity now !

  • There is, in the forming stages, a Council of Clubs, which, when fully up and running, will be governed by a spokesman (Double D) and a council of nine who will represent the confederations, coalitions, and federations in each of their nine regions. Each region will be a parallel to the current NCOM (National Coalition of Motorcyclists) regions (i.e. Region 6 consists of Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida). Each region will elect their regional representative to the council. In addition to the spokesman and the council of nine, there will be two or more attorneys – criminal and civil rights attorneys, who will represent the council in total. The council will be supported by the member confederations as a whole.

    The initial meeting has been held. A website, Facebook group, trademark registration, bank account, incorporation, etc., are all in process; and the next meeting is scheduled. Invited attendees initially are the Chair/Vice Chair or Co-Chairs of each Confederation; however, when fully functional, the council of nine will most likely meet, representing their regions.

    What happened in Waco, with law enforcement being the only voice to the media, and the patch holders not having a counter to the lies and bullshit being spread to and by the media, won’t happen again! The Council’s attorneys will be first in front of the media, and the patch holder’s side of the story WILL be told.

    It’s no longer “us” and “them” – it’s now WE.

    Chairman, Alabama COC
    National Pres., In Country (Vietnam) MC

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