Some Actions Have Serious Consequences


By political activist W.T. RoadBlock Harrell

November 11, 2014

The recent tragic event in Jacksonville Florida proves one thing:  The IO’s manifesto to create chaos and incite violence has no limit, even if their actions result in death.


The Iron Order was founded in 2004 by a group of federal agents and an attorney.  The founders and managers of the IO are made up, in part, of federal and state agents who have, over the years, made a career of prosecuting America’s motorcycle clubs.  By their own admission, they are determined to destroy all other clubs and associations, our biker lifestyle, and the freedoms guaranteed to Americans by the U.S. Constitution.

The Iron Order International Sergeant at Arms states:   “I know our club has the advantage. One percenters won’t call the cops. So what the fuck, destroy any fucker that confronts you. It’s a free ticket….”

That statement says it all.

The stated goals of the IO are that they will adhere to none of the rules, protocols or standards of the biker community. Moreover they will confront and prosecute anyone who objects to their aggressive actions. The IO members think they can commit illegal acts, then hide behind the law enforcement community and the blanket approval of the Justice Department.  So far, they have done just that.

Over the past ten years IO members have routinely used their access to law enforcement data banks to get personal information about people they consider their enemies. The IO uses that information to harass, intimidate, threaten, and assault individuals and families.

They deliberately wear the colors and identifying patches of long established, old school clubs, including the one percenter diamond.  They do this to incite violence over their blatant disrespect. Based on the recent Jacksonville tragedy, I would guess that many of their younger members have no idea of the importance or consequences of dishonoring a long established club’s tradition, or the danger their leaders put them in.  In the IO world, its own members are just as expendable as their targets.


Ironically, many of the IO members are active duty military, military veterans and law enforcement.  As members of this “club,” these men violate the oath they swore to:  to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. They blindly follow the jackbooted thugs running the IO, making these new members an accessory to the leaders’ illegal activity. (Sounds like a RICO indictment waiting to happen??)

The IO members are doing the same thing Hitler’s SS troops did when he targeted the gypsies as undesirables in Nazi Germany. Like Hitler, the IO has declared war on a specific group of citizens.  Recently, (per usual at a biker event), one of these agents attempted to interrogate me.  I asked why he did what he did if he knew it was wrong.  He said “I was following orders.” My response to him was: “That’s what the Nazis said at Nuremburg, Germany before they were hanged.”


Why do IO members follow their irresponsible leadership blindly?   They have absolutely no excuse to do so.   We do not live in Nazi Germany under a dictatorship.  We live in the United States of America, and are guaranteed protection under the law.  The IO is not “the law.”  By their own admission, they want to break the law and corrupt the legal system.


Many men and women have died to protect America’s Constitution, from the birth of our nation to current times.  I have participated in events for disabled vets and the mothers of America’s military fallen, and it sickens me to think that an organization like the IO has no respect whatsoever for the people who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.


I.O. members are well aware that inciting violence is a crime.  Their actions are dishonorable, and a disgrace.  The IO has incited hate and violence in the biker communities from coast to coast.  They openly brag about how many people they have sent to prison.  And when the citizens have had enough, the IO members run to the local cops for protection, just like a kid who starts a fight then runs to his dad to save his ass.


Their leaders know that their instigations and illegal actions will result in death for innocent people, including members of the IO itself.  Do they believe that the supposed immunity they currently hide behind will continue to let them get away with anarchy?  When they finally go too far for their own Justice Department’s blind eye, history has proven these kind of people are the first to cast blame on their own underlings.  Like cowards throughout history, they will gladly sacrifice the lower ranks of their own members to gain immunity and keep their freedom.  They have no honor, and no loyalty to their own.   The old school bikers could teach them a few history lessons about this.


This is America.   We do not live in a dictatorship, and we have rights. No one is above the law. If the system doesn’t protect those rights, it is reasonable to assume the citizens themselves will take action to protect those rights themselves.


I would like to ask the IO members who pretend to be oblivious to their own organization’s illegal agenda:  How many deaths are you willing to take personal responsibility for?  How many families, and those of fellow veterans, military personnel and fellow LE members do you want to put in harm’s way because of your chicken-shit apathy?


Where is your honor?


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  • I agree 100%. I just told Tipton’s mom last night if the shoe were on the other foot everyone knows he would be in jail. It is an outrage that because u got ur ass kicked it is justified homicide. I am not involved in a club but this really outrages me. There is a certain code as bikers we follow. If u can’t live by that code u should get the hell out. Quit hiding behind a blue wall. R.I.P. Nas-T

  • Nice article. Thank you

  • I have felt the gestapo. They are far worse than you have described. I have seen their kind stand in my face in federal court and CREATE criminal activity I was supposedly responsible for and claiming information gathered from “credible sources.” Yes people I have NEVER met.
    Why??? Because I dared to be free…I dared to apparently “interfere with tear agenda.”
    That was 1995. I lived a decade in the federal system.
    In 2014 I flew from the East Coast to Seattle. Taken aside at the departure airport I was searched extensively- my luggage emptied. Even my shaving kit. I arrive in Seattle only to discover friends who have been interviewed….wanting to know why I am there? A full 14 years later…what does that tell you?

  • As a Long Time and Loyal SYLO Supporter, I think that the Iron Order are a bunch off want to be’s who think that they are above the Law that they represent. Cop or 1% take a pick and don’t be two faced and disgrace the True 1 % that I Respect so much !

  • As always Road Block you hit the nail on the head it may take a while but this organization will crumble from within just hope innocents don’t suffer while this is happening

  • now that we know what they are, stay away from them.

  • Right on brother

  • Well stated RB! God Bless you!

  • Hello, Road Block 1%er ! Great post, and well written. It mirrors the small chat we had when you were here in Wisconsin, early this year. You called this one alright, sadly. I only fear what happened in Jax, is just the start of more to come. All patch holders in all clubs must be made aware of these Agent Provocateurs. We have to set aside our differences for the good of our life style, and those of our brothers, our clubs, and family. If we can not stand, shoulder to shoulder to fight a common foe….There is a very good chance we could lose what so many before us rode, fought and died for ! The old adage “My enemies enemy, is my ally” comes to mind…. I know, I know. It will never happen but…one can hope.

    Be careful out there people ! This ride is only going to get worse, before it gets better.
    Rest in peace Nas T

  • Very well stated and very true when IO finally fall we will see justice I know the great community you speak of true men / brothers an women / sisters will prevail because of Honor Loyalty and Respect that our land America was founded on is what is lived I. Our true Biker community thanks for the reassurance an your knowledge RB Mll&R Patricia

  • I too like to incite violence by having several members of the Black Pistons attack me at once… At least that’s the way the security camera footage from the shooting tells it. Your statement that we have rights is correct, we have the right to self defense.
    You would strip away a person’s right to self defense while several people attack one man at the same time… Where is your honor, indeed.

    • I agree that a person has the right to self-defense. However, when a quasi-law enforcement group deliberately incites violence over a long period of time, then cries “Foul!” when they get their asses handed to them, I have to question the honor you speak of. By their own admission, the goals of the IO are to “incite violence.” The IO’s illegal actions over the last 10 years are directly responsible for inciting the violence which ended in the altercation and death of Zack Tipton. The validity of the “security video” is another issue.

      • Validity of the security video? I sincerely hope you’re joking. Literally 5 seconds on google can bring up the footage leading up to the moment before the shooting, which shows Tipton and fellow pistons following the shooter to the parking lot, then jumping him.
        Having multiple people try to pick a fight in a bar (according to close to 200 eye-witness accounts) then having video footage of those same people follow you to the parking lot and jump you is not “inciting.”
        I’m not disagreeing that it’s a shitty situation, but you can’t argue with the FACTS of this individual, current situation just because someone else said something that could be construed as inciting in the past.

        • When you put on a patch you accept the policies, rules and responsibilities of the organization you are joining.

        • From folio weekly:” Jacksonville Beach police say they interviewed more than 200 witnesses, but Corey only used 10 to back up the decision. One, a waitress at Nippers, flatly contradicted other witnesses’ accounts and said that, after Tipton threw a punch at Stone, stone tried to run him over on a motorcycle. Her version is apparently also at odds with the edited video of the incident shown to reporters. Her statement was included in the summary and summarily dismissed. The state attorney’s office HAS SO FAR REFUSED TO RELEASE THE UNEDITED VIDEOTAPE OF THE INCIDENT”.

          You can’t protect a dead man, who are they covering for? Why refuse to release unedited video unless there is something else to this story?

        • are you f’n serious, you tell me why a LEO club would be anywhere near 1%’s unless it was to incite trouble, oh wait for it, wait for it,,,,,,,,”its our right to be where ever we want blah blah blah”

          give your head a shake buddy, the militray members in this club are no doubt the ones that would leave a wounded soldier to die on the battlefield to save their own skin,,,,,,, because rules and traditions be dammed right!

          • You sound like a fucking idiot. Can’t believe all these people really waste their time talking about this shit. Especially tipton- everyone wants to be an outlaw u til it’s time to do outlaw shit, he tried, dead , it’s over.

          • Thank you for your comment, You are entitled to your opinion but, I think you must be one of those using the iron order as a cover for your undercover work. If not I don’t think you are very informed.

      • Well stated, RoadBlock 1%er
        The Io have no respect honor or loyalty they are indeed the scum of the biker community, As a member of a different M/C I can say I have not seen or heard of any real motorcycle club anywhere that acknowledges the Io as a real club.
        I guess we all now have two common enemies






  • The io is a morally bankrupt organization. There is a big difference between what is morally right, and what you can legally get away with. I have every confidence that at some point the io will over play their hand.

    Long May You Ride,


  • Right on RB 1%er. Right on…

  • Very well said Roadblock!

  • All ya all are so full of $hit you sicken real bikers! That dip$hit that got shot knew what he could face just joining a MC. If you knew any less about the IO or any other MC, 1%ER or not, you would be considered as retarded. This is plain and simple envy of a club that has grown very large. Not that they don’t have growing up to do, but so does any other club. All your hate pages, posts, inflamed and twisted comments about the IO or any other club proves your ignorance. Why not attack the hate page for the HA? Or another MC not popular with your opinions? Why just target the IO? Grow up idiots its a new era and a new world. $hit changes. Get a life of your own.

    • Hey “Real Biker”, why is it that these rogue and disrespectful cop clubs, of which you are defending, why is it that when they cause a shit storm in a certain area, that members of said cop club, pulls out their tin badges?? Why is it that they can and often disregard laws, rules and regulations, with impunity?? Your surreptitious organizations are creating a hostile environment by your calculated actions and have turned, not only 1%ers against you, but many others as well! You or members of the organizations that you support knowing full well of a situation, will incite violence with others and then in turn call your brothers in arms(in blue) to defend your actions. By the actions alone, I can call this sanctioned by the Federal Government, with state and local law enforcement being used as pawns. Our tax dollars at work….

    • Wow, a Real Biker!?! You win the internet today, flexing your keyboard muscles. Tell me, if we don’t know about the IO, despite their published opinions and actions, and the obvious disrespect for themselves as well as others, please enlighten us from your gushing fount of knowledge.

      And to answer you question why there are no hate pages for the HA or other 1% clubs, it comes from something the IO can’t fathom, it is called RESPECT, and IO gets the same amount back as they show to others.

      I hope that helps your understanding of the issues at hand.

    • To “Real Biker”
      From your brainless matter talk on this page and others , and from the way you talk,
      it leaves no doubt your one and the same .
      Anyone that has been in or even around a club for a min. of a month can tell you are not what you claim,
      and if you “are / were “you would not be for long.
      If I were your ” P” I would have your patch in a heartbeat,
      Stop running your trap !

    • I see the waaaaaambulance is needed. You fucks at IORC need to realize an action has a reaction. So next time I get threatened by some fake login I have a reaction. So get real and be a man.

  • Wtf is wrong with you people that are saying that this self proclaimed “law abiding” club are as bad as nazis that are a bunch of cops breaking the law? Are you delusional? One percent clubs have broken the law for decades, raped, murdered, stole, sold drugs to our families, our children! And you, Roadblock, you must be the dumbest political activist that exists! Honestly, in one breath you say they refuse to conform to rules and protocols of the biker community and in the next breath you say that many of the them are cops and military who are violating their sworn oath to serve and protect the constitution. How is that? Last i checked the rules of the biker community were not part of the constitution and by saying that these guys don’t have the right to wear what the want and go where they want without being terrorized by criminal thugs, you are the one violating the constitution along with every other hater that shares your view! And this incident in Florida, really? Are you that stupid? You expect anyone to stand there and let 2 or more men viciously attack them without retaliation? Bullshit! But i guess he deserved getting attacked for minding his own business because he didn’t conform to your rules and protocols of the biker community! But let’s make shit up cause you hate them and don’t agree with them doing what they have every right to do. What some of them have served and fought for. Better yet, let’s call it what it really is. Jealousy! Jealous that they can do what you’re too scared to do. The real bikers that have gone against the social norm. Maybe they should be labeled the 1%ers, they seem to be the true definition of what the term was originally coined for. I’ve read several articles and stories lately talking about this club and there seems to be a large contingent of haters like you so you’re not alone in your ignorance. The Aging Rebel and you sound like twins. And both equally incapable of reporting the truth. Almost every comment or story I’ve read about the shooting in Florida was almost completely wrong. Almost because they got club names right and that someone was shot and died. Then video comes out and so do the conspiracy theorist. “oh that can’t be right, the edited the video, they’re hiding something…” Blah blah blah stfu! Tipton’s family refused to let them show the few seconds where he attacked the shooter from behind and where he was shot. I don’t blame them, they’ve been through enough without having to relive it over and over. They’re the true victims, he’s dead. He don’t have to suffer or mourn. They do! Because he was involved in a criminal organization and chose to terrorize an innocent person that night he took those kids’ father from them. No one is to blame for his death except him. To blame the shooter would be like charging every soldier with murder because of the lives they took defending themselves during battle. So get over it and live your lives and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing. Stay out of people’s business and hopefully they stay out of yours!

    • Per IO’s own John Whitfield, his punk cop club stole the long-respected three piece patch BECAUSE it was a status symbol in the MC world, and then dared the one-percenter clubs to do anything about it. But when running for political office in Kentucky, he backs up and makes sure he says “law-abiding” in every sentence. If he says it enough, maybe someone, like you, will believe it.

      “Hopefully they’ll stay out of yours.” Ooooo, scary. You guys are ridiculous fakes. Most of my family were LEs, back in the old days, and you boys are an embarrassment to the badge. Law-abiding my butt!

    • Been drinkin izod and his idiots kook aid ain’t you or is this izod scared for anybody to know who your goofy ass is maybe the little boys from the Boy Scouts yall let in that are not wise enough to see what io really is a bunch of dumb fucking drunks that crawl on a bike and ride where is law abiding there? Drinking and driving is against the law guess that’s why yall have 300+ chapters with 4 or 5 people in each chapter bunch of wanna be’s!

  • I am not a member of any club but my loyalty lies with one of the clubs in my area and let me tell ya this io that i am reading about sounds to be a real joke. First off they have cops in there group and that makes it unfair because the cops in this group are out to fuck up what other MC s got going on. Clubs should fight it out in the streets and parking lots of the local watering holes. Having law enforcment in a club that is not a 100% law enforcment club is bull shit. When you bring cops in on the action it is not just fueding between clubs because the cops are gona put you in jail as soon as it is over. It is not cool to delibertly go out of your way to put a guy in the joint. News flash that is not how it is soposta work. I just got out of prison my self and let me tell you i met some stand up guys in there that are from diffrent chapters of the club that i support. It is not a very common thing these days to meet people that at the end of the day that you can say ” holy shit that is a good fucken dude. ” it is about the brotherhood that you get people that got your back some one that is gona stand behind you 110% in any situation. So all i got to say to the io is fuck you. You guys in my eyes are cop wanabes. Grow the fuck up.

  • It’s funny everyone says how that video shows the poor little uo prospect getting attacked from behind I sure as hell someone would post the link to said video, because the one the SAs office released doesn’t show a punch that I can see. I have run that video thru a 60″ hdtv and still can’t see him getting hit. Also find it odd that they do a tox/alcohol screening on a dead man none were ever done on the shooter they just took his word that he had consumed and drugs or booze. Do I believe a fight took place hell yeah. Was shooting a man in the fight that has been described justified HELL NO!!!!!! I personally have recieved greater injury than the shooter did while I was myself armed and never shot my opponent. The uo knew exactly what was gonna happen if the BP or AOA showed up and they left two prospects alone with the bikes who possibly did not or then again did they??

    • Seriously need a like button! Viking 1%er, You nailed it! I too have watched this video countless times, on my big screen hi-def tv and you can’t see $h!t… Another thing that really bothers me; the shooter “got worked over hard” the shooter was repeatedly punched and kicked in the head by two attackers” “the shooter bla bla bla” but the medical reports show “a small amount of redness and possible swelling and a minor fracture of his nose” well $h!t the bed… Naz-T had a broken rib and several other injuries of more serious nature than minor redness and swelling yet not damn peep about that… oh I know, he “may” have fallen on a gun he “may” have been carrying…. oh and how the hell did a witness “riding by” see anything other than a scuffle?

      • I know I am late to this party, but is the video itself in HD? If not, your super dooper, HD football field sized TV will not do a lot of good if the video itself is in SD or worse.

  • Roadblock, “politically misinformed” pathetic excuse of a writer! You need to get facts straight prior to typing a bunch of words you throw out as history. The Iron Order MC was NOT founded by a group of federal agents and an attorney. However there was ONE Fed Agent (Secret Service), a retailer, a physician, 2 food service execs, a Ford assembly line worker, and an ex-professional wrestler. Get your facts straight, son. The rest of your immature rant, is just that. A rant of lies and sorry-ass sad bitching. What happened in Jacksonville, with the Black Piston Tipton was tragic, senseless and totally avoidable. Many bragged how great a nice boy he was. I say Bullshit. Look at the video again. Had he been home that night with his wife and kids, instead of being Nas T the perp, the gangster, the bully, the ring-leader to a death, then we wouldn’t be having these comments to your moronic thread.

    • If you are one who really knows, then you must know that your organization isn’t a real “Old School Motorcycle Club”. Just name one “Old School MC” with cops for members? I suppose you want everyone to believe the IO has no cop members who have worked relentlessly to deny the rights you talk so cavalierly about to the real Motorcycle Clubs. I guess what you really mean is JUST-US, and as CGAR says“destroy” the rest.

    • For being a biker you sure sound a lot like a cop/DA……if it talks like a pig and smells like a pig…..chances are you are a pig…..js

  • You know what amazes me about you assholes. You rant about shit, you know absolutely nothing about regarding the Iron Order then you try to corrupt the Constitution and you scream about your rights. You totally forget about the second amendment that says you have the right to congregate peacefully and lawfully. It does not say you have the right to congregate peacefully and lawfully if approved by Roadblock or any other club. So don’t crap on our Constitution and run your pie holes about any club that stands on the real Constitution they swore an oath to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic. That Constitution guarantees the right to defend oneself, have organizations and wear whatever the hell you want. Take your bullshit and park it somewhere else. No one intelligent is buying it anymore. Seems to all 99% of the other bikers on this planet that the only Nazis running around spewing propaganda and trying to rule the biker world are you idiots.

    • Might want to check your Constitution, bunky, the Second Amendment deals with our right to keep and bear arms. It has nothing to do with assembly, peaceful or otherwise.

    • All i got to say is FUCK YOU and FUCK the IO! I’ve been brought up from a youngin around ONE club! OL’S ! This is where my loyalty lies! Right or wrong,I WILL stand beside my black n white brothers!

  • Roadblock, they don’t even know their own history, maybe because there isn’t much of it.

    So, “one who knows,” is your own Iron Order leader/organizer full of it? I’d say so, but hey, you’re the IO member “who knows.”

    “I’m on the International Board of the Iron Order because I’m a lawyer and I can handle things that need to be handled,” said (John “Shark”) Whitfield of his involvement with the club. In explaining what the Iron Order motorcycle club is all about, Whitfield stated that, “The Iron Order is the largest, law-abiding club in the country. It was started by a former secret-service agent in 2004. .. More than half our guys are law enforcement…”

    AND: “the goal of the club was, and is, to try to change the image of some of these outlaw motorcycle clubs. The Outlaws, Pagans, Hell’s Angels—they call them ‘one-percent’ clubs—and those are ‘bad guys.’

    AND: In regards to what could have prompted the altercation (ANOTHER ONE, NOT JACKSONVILLE) , Whitfield stated that, “The Iron Order is not liked by the ‘one-percent’ world. The Iron Order is not liked by these outlaw motorcycle clubs because we’re law-abiding and we let everybody know we’re law abiding. …..When you wear a 3-piece patch, it’s kind of a big deal in the motorcycle world, and these other outlaw clubs say that you have to have permission from them to wear a 3-piece patch, but we don’t; we don’t ask permission from anybody, we just do it.”

    AND: ” And because we’re law-abiding, and we’re full of cops, a lot of the outlaw clubs don’t like us—they just hate ‘cop clubs’ and that’s what we are. So, as a result, every now and then, you’re going to have little issues, and that was one of them in Jessup. This had nothing to do with us here in Madisonville.”

    How convenient. You want to ride on the coat-tails of the old clubs yet disassociate yourselves from them and disrespect their traditions that you steal for yourselves…did I get all that right, John Whitfield? You didn’t earn it but you want to wear it???? And you wonder why they despise you and your fake club?

  • The unfortunate part of your story OneWhoKnows is with the history of REAL 1% clubs, is that they are REAL. They stand behind their history and legacy., good or bad, they do not change stories every day as the prevailing winds. With some semi informal research that was done by individuals on a certain website years ago, the different phases that this and many other COP clubs went thru is nearly comical. Changing stories online for as long as one could imagine, and I see that this is still true to this day. Very unfortunate, as your true yesterdays will dictate your true tomorrows and when you have zero truths yesterday, you will have zero truths tomorrow. Lies beget more lies. True, had Mr. Tipton stayed home that night, he most likely would still be alive. But what of the witnesses that overheard the conversations made by the murderer and his accomplices….there is much more to this than what the public is being told or led to believe. How many people telling the exact same story will not ever be heard?? You can only tell a story for so long, in our lives and yours as well…

  • BTW….has anyone seen the ENTIRE video and not the edited down, police version??

  • Good article Road Block, it’s a shame some of the folks claiming to be in the know want to spread bullshit when someone tries to approach the problem in a realistic manner. But then again I guess you have to expect such propaganda from those who’ve drank the cool aid. SYL 2:16/15 4Evr & Evr Amen

  • Interesting to note that the ATF declared the IO an OMG …and the Navy followed suit; which would lead one to think that any LEO’s or military affiliated with the IO would have to make a choice as to whether they valued their LEO/military career more than their patch or vice versa. There has also been some thought that since the Patriot Act was enacted, and extended, that the IO, with their embedded LEO’s, is trolling for a violent reaction from ANY club so they can drop a dime with a charge of “domestic terroristic threats” or “domestic terroristic acts” which would be federal charges and carry hefty penalties. Let’s face it, the feds haven’t even been able to get a judge to declare any MC a “gang” – it’s a term they use to garner emotional and financial support for their gang tactics. There’s enough profiling, discrimination, and harassment happening that the clubs are having to deal with without worrying about a federal charge because they snatched some poser’s rags or threatened to dot his eye if he didn’t take them off. The IO, and their copycat pop-up clubs will self-destruct without anyone having to do much of anything because they don’t get it, and will never be part of the MC community.

  • As a SYLO supporter, the problem I see is the typical one, Joe Public sees what Joe Government wants him to, and that’s it. The only ones cutting their own path are the 1%’ers, everyone else relies on Joe Government to govern them and help them protect themselves in what’s intended to be a “free” society. In a situation like this, the only person who knows what really happened is the guy that can no longer speak for himself. I was told by a Sherriff officer that if you’re going to shoot, shoot to kill, don’t give him the chance to testify against you. This is the case here! The problem is Joe Public doesn’t realize that IO is majority Leo or military, and they’re sworn to protect you, however because of their actions and their appearance, Joe Public assumes them to be 1%ers. They’re 1% alright, 1% biker, 99% piece of shit. I mean… come on, I don’t dress up and pretend to be a cop, so why do they dress up and pretend to be a biker with their 3 piece patches. Unfortunately, Joe Public doesn’t know the difference anymore, go back to being a riding club, your not an MC.

  • This little tidbit came from your own website you retard…..
    “Our Constitution guarantees us the right to freely associate, to wear what we want, go where we choose, to be individuals, and to be treated like everyone else by law enforcement and in the Courts. Riding a motorcycle or belonging to a club should not exclude a citizen from those rights. Individuals are responsible for the crimes they commit, not an organization.”
    So, explain how you now, (along with other fucktards here that believe freedoms and the Constitution only pertains to them.) Are the only ones allowed to enjoy the rights guaranteed to ALL citizens by the Constitution?
    Leave others alone and bad shit won’t happen.
    Tipton got what he deserved. He also must of been a lousy “brother” to the rest of his “puppet club” BP. Why else would the others who helped attack a single person just run away and leave the douche when he got sent to Hell? Maybe the “Outlaws” should worry more about getting loyal “puppets” instead of going after a group that admittedly has LE in their ranks.

    • If the cop clubs are so against what REAL 1%er MC’s do, why is it that you want to dress in the public’s image of us?? Why is it that you act in a manner that is conducive with what the public is told that we act like?? Your employment of deception is sophomoric and you are not fooling anyone! Explain how you feel that members of the Fraternal Order of Coverup and proverbial cop suckers feel that blatantly murdering a man during a fist fight is “a good shot”?? 5 or more shots, is self defense?? Explain how toxicology was conducted on the victim yet not on the murderer….Explain how a member of your club can carry a weapon into an establishment that sells alcohol….Explain how the murderer was not named right after the blatant discharge of a weapon….Explain how and why these band of rogue and out of control police officers and such, can get away with such blatant disregard of the law, of which they are supposed to uphold?? Either you are or you are not….you cannot have it both ways!

  • Good words RoadBlock

    lots of supposed bikers chipping in about things they clearly have zero clue of….

    If you a cop why pretend to be a outlaw biker anyway? I mean do 1%ers dress up in cop uniforms and pretend to enforce the law?..

    I was not there so I don’t know what happened but I expect it was completely avoidable if someone was just minding their own business and not pretending to be the bad guy.. a ounce of respect goes for miles….

    I guess is hard since you see clear examples when normal people sit in front of a keyboard and become 10 foot tall and bulletproof…

    Ride safe my friend and stay the course…

  • Real biker and one who knows and the other not admitting io afflicted – you are idiots and based on what you had to say at least TWO of you three are new – rather than. Hide – throw your road names out here – you are regurgitating what YOU were told – you are minions nothing more – mbbm does not refer to loyalty but rather who goes under the bus first.

    Roadblock thank you for this. Much respect to you and yours. .


    Both articles are an interesting read, and I’m quite sure not all there is to know about the subject. However, all I do know is what I read in these two articles and will freely admit it’s not much.

    I am not a member of an MC so wherever I go, I’m pretty much on my own. That’s generally not going to be a problem since I’m completely neutral and anything that doesn’t directly concern me, is probably none of my business.

    I am friendly and respectful of those that are friendly, and respectful to me. I also won’t stay anywhere I’m not welcome and, would be more than happy to leave once that is known.

    On the other hand, I’m not into getting my ass kicked by anyone. Someone giving me a bloody nose would be a damned good indication I wasn’t welcome somewhere, and it was long past time for me to leave. I’d leave if they’d let me but, would probably react in the same manner if they wouldn’t.

  • Cops….Half are committing crime and the other half are covering for the law breakers….

  • The outlaw biker did some outlaw shit, and it came back to bite him in the ass. Boo Fucking Hoo.

    When you throw the first punch, and you do it chickenshit and from behind, Fuck You, you might just get shot.

    How about all you “real” bikers just leave the IO alone? They dont want to be you, they dont fuck with you, The dont go to your rally’s, They are not trying to get into your various illegal money making schemes, so all you have to do is leave them alone.

    How hard is that??

    Oh thats right, you guys like to act like you are in charge of something……

    Well you are not in charge. Of ANYTHING, and if you commit assault, you just might pay for it. I am not IO. But I do know that the day of the 1% Outlaw Biker owning the road is over.

    Not to mention is is hilarious seeing a bunch of hard ass outlaws crying for the last three months about the police not being on thier side.

    Get a Clue Boys. Ride, enjoy the company of your friends. Leave other Clubs ALONE. I grieve for the loss of a brother, or a Son, I lost my mother recently after a 5 year struggle with COPD, so I know loss. But this guy died because he did some thug shit. If you live thug long enough, you will prob die a thug death.

    Pretty sure there is a lesson there ………

    • Well said I am not IO, you nailed it. I don’t understand most of these people that post hate and discontent all day. Maybe it’s because they either don’t really have bikes, or it is on a stand in the shed broken down so they need something to take there short comings out on others..

  • Well first off you speak of the Constitution. Why don’t you read the constitution and know what it says. It say Americans have the right to freedom of speech which can be expressed in many ways which includes clothing. It also states thing such as right to bear arms. As well as covers all americans from illegal searchs and seizures. Well why does everyone hate the IO? Cause they know their rights and use them. Everyone hates them cause they have worn patches on their backs without bowing down to anyone for permission for the last ten years. Why are they so big? Frankly that is also because they haven’t bowed down to anyone and are not under anyone’s thumb or control. Let us move to the right to bear arms. Be friendly or leave them alone, don’t bother them. There are only three reasons to hate something, someone, or some club so much. A.) SUCCESS, B.) Personal failure, C.) They are seen as threat to an agenda. Well with that comes the threats and violence. Which brings in the right to bear arms under the constitution. This generally doesn’t happen unless an individual is provoked into this type of situation. When I have seen them out and confrontations arise that is because they were provoked or assualted as video evidence has proven to show in Jacksonville by others. Generally they have kept to themselves. Second, comes to illegal searches and seizures. I have been riding for a long time and seem it first hand where clubs are at a bar minding there own business and 1% Clubs or dominant clubs (whichever floats your boat) approaches the other clubs in a threatening manner ask things such as who gave you permission to start your club? Who gave you permission to wear those colors? Who gave you permission to wear that city, county, state rocker? The list goes on and on. The real question is where is this protocol in black and white? Who published it? When was it published? Where can it be found? Last but not least when did it become law, in order to start a club? Here is another question to ponder over. Who did all the supposed dominant clubs ask when they first got started? Why are they considered the dominant club? That’s right cause they try to force their will and agenda down others throats through violence and intimidation in turn taking away the rights of other free Americans. I can almost bet that no 1% or dominant club asked for permission from anyone. Why should anyone else. The man that bows down to the feet of another man will never be called a man again only a servant or slave. If you feel that asking someone for permission and bowing down as another man is required then you my friend must lose countless hours of sleep at night. Until it can be proven when it became law and apart of the constitution the protocol antics are all fictional and make believe. As for their members that are law enforcement and military, you are not breaking your oath. You are in fact upholding it. I will support and defend the constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. America is a free country and you have the right to exercise your constitutional rights even when others try to oppress you and take them away. Everyone that is pissed off it is because they think they are above the constitution and the law does not apply to them. Then when they are caught red handed they cry and squeal calling foul play on the men and women who do the right thing day in and day out, NOT THE WRONG THING DAILY. The proof is in the pudding. Brotherhood…..Loyalty……Trust? If walking/running away when your fellow man is down is considered brotherhood and honor to you all then have at it and know the person you think you trust isn’t going to be there when you need them the most.

    • Yes, I do understand what the Constitution is all about. One of those rights is Freedom of Speech, which is why your post is on this site, along with others holding various opinions. I believe the Constitution guarantees that you have the right to disagree with me, and I am public with that belief.

  • I think all of you need to find something else to do. Go ride your bikes and enjoy it for what it is, riding your motorcycle and being with friends. I am not a club member, nor will I be, but I have friends in many clubs, Diablo’s, HA and yes even the IO. They are all different individuals and all people I consider friends, I dont judge by the colors or the patch on their backs. Go ride your bikes and hang out with your buddies and stop being internet warriors, or if you prefer to be the internet warrior, I heard the disney site has some really cool games..

  • Friendly education……? Just stop already..”when I have seen them out and confrontations arise blah blah blah.”

    At least be honest about who the fuck you are. If you are not IO then shut the fuck up cheerleader.

    I am so sick of these assholes

    Nice article Roadblock 1%er….as always your perspective is insightful


  • “What we have here is a failure to communicate” – Warden speaking to Cool Hand Luke, Paul Newman

    You assholes have your eyes and ears clogged up with so much bullshit you aren’t seeing and listening. You have spewing your fucked up protocols under the guise of “respect” for so long you believe your own bullshit. John Q. Biker is fed up with your horse shit. They are telling you here. You can bet for ever one posting something telling ya’ll how fucked up ya’ll are there are a thousand reading and cheering.
    Why is the IO the largest three piece MC? Because they don’t listen to your bullshit and the word has spread worldwide. Why do you hate them? Because they don’t listen to your bullshit and they don’t care what the fuck you say. Why are there haters of the IO all over the internet? Because they can’t stop the IO and the computer is the only weapon they have. BTW, by last observation the internet is not stopping the IO either. Those IO idiots don’t seem to care what the haters say or do.

    Every time someone gets hurt over the same old protocol bullshit you assholes scream like bitches all over the internet. You scream about your rights and freedoms but you want to take them away from everyone else unless they kiss your rings and pay your extortion COC dues and do exactly what you tell them to do. IO people have been hurt too, did you ever think of that? So why do they continue on? Thousands of clubs started up like the IO and after the first fight or two they shut down. Why didn’t that work with the IO? Because they know they are morally and ethically and legally right. It’s an idea called freedom and the Bill of Rights that you guys shit all over every chance you get. We’ve all heard your bullshit before when you say, “This is our world we don’t care about your rights”. Well it ain’t your world, we all breath the same air and we’re all on planet Earth. The IO continues to grow because they commit to each other and stand by each other. You’ve all seen that. No IO ran at Nippers. The Black Pistons ran and left their brother to die. No call to 911 to get him help. No comforting him as he breathed his last breath. No staying to tell the world how he was murdered. That’s because he was not murdered he was killed. You don’t murder a criminal in the act of committing a crime you kill them.

    I know enough of the club life to stay away from it. I find it extremely interesting so I follow it like millions of other bikers on the outside. After 40 years of riding and following clubs it is becoming clear that if the 1% world wants to continue on they need to change with the times. The Middle East Wars have brought on a different veteran than my generation when we got back from the Nam. Our boys coming home are treated right like the heroes they are. They are not joining the 1% world that takes the freedom they put their lives on the line for. They don’t want to disgrace the uniform they served in. They don’t want to be the outcast from society. More importantly they feel they have a moral obligation to be good citizens so they join clubs like the IOMC. If there is something to be learned by everyone from this tragedy it should be that protocols should not be something to commit an assault over and definitely nothing to die for.

    • “If there is something to be learned by everyone from this tragedy it should be that protocols should not be something to commit an assault over and definitely nothing to die for.”

      But truly okay to blatantly kill with malice, an unarmed victim over….

  • Amazed,

    you call out 1%ers, and in the next breath call IO idiots, and then you suck their ass. If you did that in front of them even those fags would bust you in the mouth. Read your hero Izod’s book. In it he calls pussies like you who watch from the comfort of your bar stool and behind your computer screen “sidewalk commandos” which is an old school term for a punk cheerleader that doesn’t know shit but insights violence between a club they are too scared to join but idolize, and all of there enemies. What a punk! Why would you do that? By the way, the soldiers of my generation and the one following it coming home now are joining legitimate three piece clubs in record numbers…some are also joining 1% clubs as well….trust me I have intimate irrefutable knowledge of this. Seems to me the only fools joining io are those who just bought a scooter and want to by a brotherhood, or MPs, or those that want to be cops, as well as a bunch of REMFs, or POG pukes with Facebook pictures full of them holding rifles they have never shot in a combat situation, not to mention the MANY proven stolen valor douche bags.

    So of course you are AMAZED…you don’t know shit

  • I’m not going to call anyone names or anything like that, lets see if others can have the same respect. I find the subject incredibly interesting. Been riding 30 years and have ridden with guys from IO as well as guys from the pre-eminent club in the 1% world. To me there really wasn’t any difference between the MEN INVOLVED, they all loved to ride, and loved to drink. I don’t get involved in club business or politics. I know that to do that would be disrespectful to both clubs. Someone asked about LEO in 1% clubs, YES there are 1% clubs that accept FORMER LEO, a very well known Philadelphia club has accepted form LEO, as well as other 1% clubs. That is fact whether you want to believe it or not, the difference is their guys are FORMER, and IO has CURRENT, so yes there is a difference. You also talk about permission, did the Mongols ask the Outlaws for permission? (And don’t give me the black and white versus white and black horseshit). Has HA ever asked permission anywhere?, Have the Outlaws? The fact is the only clubs that ask permission are the support clubs, and then they become puppet clubs. The IO did the same as the top 5 1% clubs did, they started without permission, The COC is nothing more than a means to extort monies from smaller weaker clubs.

    The IO in my area has ZERO issues with ANY of the local 1% clubs as far as I know, the fact is many have ridden together before, and some drink together still as friends without colors on so as not to disrespect each other. The IO has no desire to enter the 1% realm of activities, and the 1% world has no desire to conduct itself in the manner the IO does, so why cant they just act like they do in my area, “You leave us alone and stay out of our business, and we will do the same and then we wont have problems”

  • I am lost on some of this. I read all the reports from the State’s Atty’s office. I watched the video. I saw the press conference on You Tube. I know what I see with my own eyes. The serious consequences that you should be talking about is what happens when a man has to defend himself against a cowardly attack like this one? I understand the protocol issue and clubs being pissed off because the IO didn’t ask permission and doesn’t follow the protocols but I don’t understand how being pissed off over something like that gives anyone the right to attack anyone. These two IO guys are minding their own business and somehow you think they don’t have a right to do that? You believe those Black Pistons have the right to attack from behind and put 3 on one with 5 more coming up to join in? Then one of them gets shot so they all run away even stopping to take a gun off the corpse but they don’t stay and help their brother? and then you say an unarmed man was murdered? Give us all a break and quit making yourselves look like idiots. Tipton had a gun. He had two loaded magazines. He had brass knuckles. He kept his helmet on to protect his head in the fight. There is no doubt the rest of his mutt buddies were armed. This whole thing stinks and you people want to make it out to some kind of premeditated murder and your so wrapped up in your senseless hate and contempt for the IO that you cannot let your own common sense and your own intelligence to work for you. All you can do is worm around and look for more ways to defend a defenseless act. No protocols or respect by your terms needs to be forced down anyone who doesn’t want to comply’s throat. If you choose to follow a dominant club then fine. It works for you. If you don’t then the world needs to mind its own business. Ostrasize them or ignore them or even hate them but no one has the right to attack them and not expect them to defend themselves. I’m lost at the stupidity of Road block and the rest of you who think so twisted of our country and our American ideals. Just baffles any person with a little intelligence who can think for themselves.

    • “Lost”, are you sure you read the same article I wrote. No where in the article did you find the word murder or that anyone doesn’t have the right to defend themselves. What you did find is, that for ten years the IO has incited violence, then prosecuted anyone who reacts to it. Who is minding whose business? This is an open form that actually allows freedom of speech, and that is why your inaccurate comment quoting me is being posted.

  • Roadblock, I never quoted you. If I did I would have noted a quote. I was very clearly speaking to all of the morons who are on here posting and on other places on the internet. I don’t know IO that well. I have seen them many times all over the country. Never once did I see them incite violence of any kind. I have not heard of a single act of violence they started. I have scoured the internet and everything that comes up in regards to violence involving the Iron Order has been situations caused by others. This action (I believe you are referring to Jacksonville) you say has consequences falls directly in line with what I found about this club. Those Black Pistons were not collecting for the Salvation Christmas fund. They were there to violently beat up IO and no other reason. Reading all these ignorant tough guy posts on your site, reading your article, reading many more blogs and hate sites on the web, it is unquestionable to any half way intelligent human the cause of violence is from these people and not on the part of the IO. Everything points to the IO having to stand it’s ground every minute of the day and they should not have to do that. What I have not found anywhere is the IO on the internet writing or acting like the fools on this site. Thanks for your commitment to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights ie: Freedom of Speech. I hope your commitment also includes the IO’s rights to exist but my common sense tells me you don’t.

  • Roadblock. Huge respect on how you run your site and how you are a stand up man. Unlike Rebel you allow others their opinion without attacking them. I haven’t read all your articles but it seems you see the IOMC from a 1% view which if fine you are a 1%er. But I haven’t seen personal attacks, calls for violence etc. You seem to have the same attitude as the 1%ers up in my area. I find it amusing how most 1%ers will simply say “Fuck them guys, as long as they stay out if our business we don’t give a shit about them” it seems like it is the people who don’t ride never belonged to anything that sit back and post threat calls for violence et

  • Once again Roadblock your intelligence and articulation shine through. Great job! Some day I hope to share a conversation with you, you have nailed it again sir. Keep the written word coming, keep the truth clear you have many Amigos be sure to count Privateers MC among them. We must fight tyranny at every turn.

  • i will add to the cop defenders if it wasn’t for them and you, the real clubs would be able to be free to live our lives free men. Half the fuckers who are defending the cops are either fucking cops or don’t have the heart to wear a patch. Clubs arnt for everyone but respect is, if you put your leg over a seat then you just stepped in to a world that requires fucking respect. If you can’t understand the way things are or you choose to ignore the rules and step on someone’s foot, then fuck you if you fail to say your sorry. I have yet to meet anyone in the real biker community who would rather fuck you up before giving you a chance to make it right. Roadblock 1%er if I’m the least bit wrong call me out on it and I will be man enough to apologize.

  • I know this is an old topic now, but wanted to add my 2cents

    I’m torn, as a biker, club member, and someone who thinks the io are a bunch of pussies, and as a gun owner who feels strongly about the 2nd Amendment.

    I’ve taken bigger beatings for my club, and I’ve given bigger beatings. We (club members) know what we signed up for, and pulling a gun with every chance of violence is something we don’t do. But, because the io don’t understand the real lifestyle, I don’t expect for them to live it.

    Now none of us (conveniently) have actually seen the whole video I look at it as a gun owner. If my wife or daughter was being beat and stomped and honestly feared for their life, I would understand if they used a gun to end the threat.

    Either way, we’ll never know what really happened, only what the police want us to know

  • Very well said, Roadblock 1%er. Much honor and respect to you.

    I’ve been out of the loop for a bit and am catching up. I just wanted to state @Amazed, I totally concur with what 10GAUGE posted about military personnel joining traditional 3 piece patch clubs. I think in the truest sense it’s what we had or have when we are in the military. The camaraderie of our Brothers. And when it comes to the IORC, I have seen firsthand how these fucks will try to bate other clubs into confrontations, with one of there guys in sitting in plainclothes with their phones in their hands just waiting to call the cops. Everyone in true 3 piece patch clubs, know these guys are a joke.

  • I don’t understand why cops would want to be in a club with non-cops? They have cop clubs like the Blue Knights or others. Those clubs don’t seem to bother anyone and I guess mind their own business. The IO club just seems to be trouble. They dress like someone who lives outside the law but they are the law. If I were a cop and I’m not I would think I would want to look like a cop and not try to look like something I am not. Motorcycle Clubs and the people who are in them have always looked like who they are. They are not interested in looking like cops. Why do cops want to look like MCs? Every group on earth has good and bad elements and I believe the IO must be the cops bad element. I don’t care to get into monday morning quarterbacking the unfortunate incident in question, however, it just doesn’t pass the smell test for me. The IO seem to be anarchist provocators. I would not want my local police being any part of such an organization. Cops with any kind of jackbooted mentality should stick with their own kind when off duty. Any real MC folks can be trusted to do what they’ve always done you don’t have to worry about them they do have a code of honor they live by. I am sure it doesn’t include picking fights with cops so why do the IO pick fights with them. Off duty Police are supposed to stay out of trouble not get in to it. I believe Roadblock is 100% spot on with his assessment. A good cop would not be involved in a club like the IO cause they wouldn’t want to get in trouble. Bottom line the Bad Cops should stay in their own world/lane. Bikers are like anyone else they are no trouble unless provoked and it seems to me the IOs main game is to provoke. I also want to point out that the IO would probably not get involved in such incidents if they couldn’t expect to be treated with impunity, hence, there seems to be some government involvement going on here? It’s something to think about. Question: tell me about the similar incident the Blue Knights were involved in? All I hear is crickets. Nuff said.

  • As a member of the Blue Knights, I can agree that I personally would not want to be in a club with non LE members. Nothing personal with that. Vet clubs are for vets. Christian Clubs are for christians etc, No difference.
    What I dont understand is why anyone, 1%er or otherwise, would think that you need to be some bottom feeding fuckwipe to have your club patches set up a certain way, or to look a certain way, or to need permission from anyone to start a club anywhere. Who ever said being a “biker” meant that you also need to be a criminal.
    As for all the cop haters out there, you have lots of company. Most of you are locked up. The ones that are not either were at some time, or are liberal Obama lover goatpukes.
    In my experience, criminals have more rights than crime victims. And the vast majority of the cops I have known in 26 years on the job wouldnt risk being sued. or losing their jobs, or losing their livelihood by violating someone’s rights, or using excessive force, or whatever some cop hating conspiracy theorist idiot would have others believe we do all the time just for fun. Our jobs are shitty enough without bringing more heat down on ourselves.

  • I am seeing 1st hand how IOMC thinks they are above the law. Friend of mine was killed on 6/19/15 by one of them. A fight had broke out between her, her fiancé and member of the Iron Assholes, they have ruled the yesterday they said it would be 6 to 8 weeks for autopsy results. They ruled it accidental. It’s a cover up. they haven’t even questioned her fiancé & he was right there. One of those cops pushed her in front of that car & at this point looks like he’s getting away with it.

  • I don’t know much about bikers I ride a Harley myself and see them riding around 1%er and io but one thing I’ve seen is this the aoa ( outlaws ) are welcome members of the biker community . They haven’t always been when they established way back when and didn’t ask permission from the dominant hells angels in the area a war broke out leading to deaths of civilians and bikers and one child! And the 81 sue People everyday in courts for copyright on there deaths head logo it’s all hippocracy . Point is the io comes along and now everyone has forgotten about the aoa now they shit on the io for doing the same fuckin thing as the AOA! I’m not defending the IO or putting down the 1% clubs all I’m saying is Johnny law or outlaw big brother is everywhere now and if this stupid back ally childish my dick is bigger than yours shit don’t stop eventually the community will view all clubs as terrorist originations and they will be hunted again like in the 90s when Rico came out. Put all your fuvkin bravado away and play in the sandbox together nicely after all it’s a fuckin patch! You don’t see the boyscouts fighting over who sells cookies on what block. After all what all of you aren’t seeing is bikers 1%er or IO alike is it’s supposed to be them against the MAN the law the rules our govt has set up remember. Unite and play along or you’ll all be like dinosaurs someday fuckin extinct! There’s enough crime and violence on the news everyday you shouldn’t be adding to it over who’s patch is who’s and what state rocker you have or even if you asked permission. This country was founded a free country and men have died protecting these rights . The thought that someone will tell
    Me what I can and can’t wear or what I can and can’t do makes me fuckin sick . This is a free country I’ll wear whatever the fuck I want ! Tell me I can’t you might as well piss on a flag spit in a marines face! If that’s how you want to operate leave my fuckin country your not welcome here ! Land of the free mother fucker freedom is paid for by the blood of our young shoulders who fight so we don’t like under opression . And honestly it makes me sick when I hear these clubs are fighting over such petty shit. And all of you ranting on here hating on the IO or any club you should check your ideals you’ll point the finger at a terrorist and see the wrong in something like 9/11 but what’s going on in this country between mc’s is fuvkin domestic terrorism! Smh, live by the sword die by the sword.

    • I thought it would be appropriate to share this post with everyone. Johnny Q Public, FYI the Outlaws motorcycle club’s history goes back to 1935 when it was founded well before any of the other 1%er clubs. Moreover the IO is a cop club whose stated policy is to incite violence and call the cops. I think you are a fake and your grammar and spelling leaves me wondering what your goal is with such A B/S response.

      • “Moreover the IO is a cop club whose stated policy is to incite violence and call the cops”
        Can you cite you source with this comment? There is nothing on any IO website that speaks to “inciting violence” with anyone. If it is a “stated policy”, wouldn’t it be on their website; perhaps in their mission statement? I think this is simply a furtherance of your agenda to color IO in a negative light. It’s ignorant, inaccurate comments like these that leads to hate and confrontation. Very irresponsible.

  • I’m an independent myself, but I’ve been exposed to club culture enough to know what it’s all about.

    First off…this is a free country and we do have this thing called the “Bill of Rights”. In that BoR exists freedom of expression. This freedom grants us the right to wear whatever we like. This whole thing about 1%-ers and dominant clubs dictating what “citizens” can/cannot wear (do not wear our cuts/patches/colors or face our squirrelly rath) infringes upon this right.

    I ride to local bars and encounter 1%-ers quite a bit. So far every one of them comes into bars in groups wearing their cuts and belt hung daggers and they bring their intimidation tactics with them. Lookin’ at innocent people who haven’t done anything to them like they’re out for blood as if they just kidnapped their child. Yet they claim to “command” respect.

    So let me get this straight…you want me to respect you, yet you’re going to use intimidation to get it? That’s more like “demanding” respect.

    Respect is EARNED…not given or “taken by force through intimidation tactics”. You want respect? Maybe try showing some respect. You just might find that respect falls right into your lap.

    Then you want to dictate what “citizens” can/cannot wear…thereby infringing upon the peoples’ freedom of expression…yet you raise hell when you feel as if Johnny Law or Big Brother is infringing upon your rights? Guess rights infringement is OK so long as it’s not YOUR rights being infringed upon.

    And this whole thing about “territory”…did you buy the city or something?

    We don’t live in the dark ages anymore. We haven’t for quite a few centuries. Show of force is not how we acquire assets, let alone “respect”. Acquiring assets through show of force is what is known as “robbery”. You don’t own the city. You don’t own anything but your bikes, clubhouse, and club assets…nothing more.

    Anyone who cannot show respect does not deserve respect, 1%-er or not. Plain and simple. I as well as many others find intimidation tactics highly disrespectful…especially when using them on innocent people who’ve done nothing wrong to you. I have no respect for clubs who play the intimidation card to demand respect.

    • You hit the nail on the head brother. I thought 1#ers where tough but there the biggest bunch of crybabies iv ever seen. Over the years they’ve shot each other, bombed each others club house’s, have shootout’s in casino’s. sell meth for cartel’s and now they bitch like little girls about a man defending himself ”WTF”

      • Hey Cav Scout, I’ll bet you are surprised that I published your post. I will always agree that every American Citizen has a right to defend themselves. But,I think you missed the point of the article. My point is why is a bunch of state and federal cops running what they call an “old School Motorcycle club” and trying to act like 1%ers while hiding behind their badges. The problem is that wearing the clothing and trying to imitate doesn’t create an Old school Motorcycle Club. “WTF”

  • Well I don’t know about all the cop and fed shit, I was told one of the originals was a secret service guy. Iv been to the club house close to where I live, they where all nice to me and my wife.
    And I asked if they had any cops in there chapter and they said No not a one. And a couple of them where in the same areas of Iraq as me in 2005. So what’s a man like me suppose to think?
    I been looking for a brotherhood since I got out of the Army, HELL I don’t know I guess its a chapter by chapter thing. But there’s always some ass holes no matter where you go.

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