The Bloodiest Day in Biker History

Over the last thirty years, the government’s war against American motorcycle clubs (MCs) and the biker lifestyle has escalated. On May 17th 2015, government agents and law enforcement finally crossed the line with their extremist actions against American citizens. Blatantly violating basic U.S. Constitutional rights, these agencies organized and carried out an attack on a legitimate political organization. That attack left 9 dead, 20 wounded and over 200 detained and/or arrested.

For over six months now, the Waco courts along with City, County, State and Federal law enforcement, have misled the public into believing this was caused solely by a bunch of criminal motorcycle gangs. They have refused to release any real evidence or videos, and have placed gag orders on everyone to prevent the truth from coming out.

Who is really responsible? Please read the following news article, published by GQ Magazine, and make up your own mind.
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The Untold Story of the Texas Biker Gang Shoot-Out
September 30, 2015 6:00 am

It was supposed to be a quiet meeting of regional clubs at a local Waco restaurant. Instead, nine men were killed, 20 were wounded, and 177 wound up in jail. Was it a Turf War gone mad? Or a botched police response? Nathaniel Penn reports on how the bloodiest day in biker history went down;
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21 Responses to The Bloodiest Day in Biker History

  • Great article and that being said I have been wondering where the ACLU is on all this. This incident is a clear violation of the Criminal Code and a flagrant violation of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. This is only 2 examples. The ACLU is so quick to get involved in protecting protesters and illegal aliens, so where are they now. I guess Biker Lives don’t matter.

    • It’s obvious we bikers don’t matter, I am not a one percenter but respect their rights. The Waco incident was not intended against civilians or Law Enforcement yet they treat bikers far worse than illegal aliens and black rioters. Much of it is how the media CNN portrays certain groups of individuals in our society.

    • The cops r a legal from of crime an it’s bs…. We do the Shit thy do n jail… Thy do it a pop on the hand maybe the car took away for a couple of days… Want to do a crime an have a good chance of not getting n trouble become one of them very said. An that’s suspose to b r law funny crooks!!!!!!!!*****

    • Yes Sir Bill you are so right about it all and it was also a violation not only to our 1st. amendment but also to our second amendment fourth amendment the sixth amendment the seventh amendment the eighth amendment’s etc… BIKER LIVES DON’T MATTER AT ALL… And the so called A.C.L.U. only pick the easy cases that they know they will get a great public backing with.. besides they were started by a man that was a card carrying communist … I am just sick about the way we (bikers) are all looked at and nothing about any of the good we do all the time and the one other thing is that most of us would do, is come to the aid of any police officers and help them in a time of trouble and they have no other backing.. but most won’t because if we stopped to help they always start yelling to leave or go to jail.. so that is why if we are riding by and see a officer in trouble we keep riding right by…. and that is just to bad because most of us are all well trained veterans that love and believe in our country and our laws as a nation , in fact we are a very very large standing army and can be very helpful if only asked ……………..

  • It sounds to me like a set up by law enforcement!! What started out as a friendly meeting turned into a blood bath.

  • Thanks for putting the article out. This is nothing but a setup because they were bikers. Plain and simple. Thought the public would believe their lies, we know better. I feel so bad for the lives lost and those in jail.

  • Everyone knows it was a set up by law enforcement and those that died were innocent and outright murdered. The cops were there well before hand and even had snipers in place on the roofs and cameras to record the events. Yet none of the footage from law enforcement has been released, not to mention all the dash cameras in the cop cars. Every ones cell phones were confiscated and none of those videos of the events have ever been released to the defendants lawyers, the press or any other sources. Waco PD was quick to get a judge to issue a gag order to justify their withholding of evidence. Waco PD and all the Federal Law enforcement Agencies involved clamped a lid on the whole thing. I hope that the lawyers can get the truth to come out.

    • Vulture : You are so right everything I have read and seen and talked with a few that were there it was a total set up and it all back fired on the police and have had the gag order put in place.. Why is it when they are in the wrong nothing and I mean nothing ever becomes of it and gets brushed under the dam rug every time and never hardly ever any charges to them ? and wonder why we don’t like them or trust them or do anything to help em… so we just stay pissed off and that is it ……

  • Reading the GQ article I find something in the MC world that is understood by all, territory. In the civilian world this is not understood and plays into law enforcements continued story line of outlaw bikers. The civilian sees territory as how do they own it, this is a free country you can go where you want. Civilians see it as illegal to own property I.e. A whole state. This is all played in law enforcement strategy to keep MC’s seen as outlaws, there are MC’s who claim no territory and are aligned with no one complete independents and with law enforcement telling their story they never seperate the MC’s, so all are bad and when they go to court their line is believed. What can the MC world do, I don’t know but it has to be done on the grass root level, it has to be real, Start slow, get small town media to tell the story and explain what a MC is about and a good start would be how do we tackle the explanation of territory so civilians can understand. Just my two cents

    • TIM It seems to me that a MC is no differant than the police except they have the law behind them , they are always in groups (they call us a gang ) they stick togeather ( just like we do a brother hood ) they carry weapon’s of all kinds ( and if we have a hammer in a tool bag its a weapon not a tool .. I could go on an on but you know just what I am saying and so does everyone else.. but bottom line they are no differant than us except we have HONER and the have the law ! to hide behind..

  • Great article. It pretty much sums up what I have been thinking the whole time, from day one. The cops heard GUN and opened fire…sick situation. Hoping for justice for all involved.

  • I think some members of law inforcement think they are above the law. Last year they chased a member of a local club for speeding. They wound up crashing him into two telephone poles killing him. This brother got the death penalty for speeding!!

  • Nine dead and the cops said they shot at least four. I never heard of a death toll like that. Five dead at the Polish Women’s Hall in 1970, two at Lancaster Speedway in 1994, three at Harrah’s in 2002, but you just don’t get that many fatalities without a lot of help and planning from the cops. They’re going to have to report how many of the dead had cop bullets in them at some point, and then the lawyers will have a chance to make a difference.

  • This is an informative article, but we still haven’t really learned shit. You will notice almost all of those arrested were white or latino. If there were blacks involved being treated like this the media and aclu would be clamoring for justice. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. We know the protocols when getting involved with an MC. It boggles the mind why things resort to this level over territory and rockers. When you have corrupt law enforcement who pose as MC’s and infiltrate the big clubs this is a detriment to the MC culture. The feds, cops know we are a standing opposition to their wanton power to make this country a police state with marshal law. Until the MC’s can work our problems out, I think in the near future our lifestyle will be a forgotten tradition.

  • Great Article RB, thanks for getting it out to a greater audience. I, like others, firmly believe that the mounting evidence against the WPD and DPS is eventually going crush the citizens (financially) of Waco and the State of Texas. It is almost impossible to draw any other conclusion based on the lack of responsiveness and the nepotistic behavior of the respective “law enforcement” parties, attorneys and judges.

    You and AR are doing great jobs by keeping up the pressure on MSM about this fiasco of American Justice.


  • As our rights get trampled, its more important than ever to get together and fight for what we have..get involved and stay strong..

  • Have followed since the beginning. When will WACO release the reports??? Swift Justice my ass.What Has trickiled out has still been one sided for the police.WACO WHERES THE BEEF??????? Four or more years down the road Waco will be declaring bankruptcy !!!!

  • Great piece as always RB. The facts dont lie so I spose the truth will never come out. Seems jus another Political white wash while they wait for the masses to forget & move on. Thx to the likes of yourself Road Block, its harder for the coverup to happen as stealthy as it deff would if no one was willing to keep it fresh. Will there ever be any true justice in the wrongs done by All facits of LE present on that day? Probably not. But that cant hide the fact we ALL know who’s got the dirty conscience here. The next time this type of Ambush happens the System thats protecting its insiders now will have to take actions of recourse to save face as its already painted itself into a corner. A truley Sad sacrifice 9 Men made in that parking lot will surely stand for something in the future if not in this case its self. ✌ LLnR

  • Its appalling law enforcement can get away with this. In my on home town I see the LEO snitch’s show up to take in what’s going on and running back to report on all they see. Its funny how one has been seen in his own town sporting his cut showing support for Johnny Law but go 50 miles over and try to blend in. What go’s around comes around. Sooner or Later

  • I am still hoping the lawyers will not give in until the truth is shown to the public. It won’t bring back the men that were murdered, but some sort of closure needs to take place. Thanks for posting this article, the ones responsible for the murders of these men,need to be held accountable for their actions.

  • They should be more worried about terrorism in this country then killing bikers and innocent kids in cars..

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