IN MY OPINION; by W.T. “Roadblock” Harrell


From independent riders to international motorcycle clubs, everyone in the biker community is outraged. Several State and Federal law enforcement agencies are responsible for the deliberate murder of 9 bikers and wounding 18 others. This massacre took place at a legally scheduled political activist meeting of the Texas Coalition of Clubs and Independent bikers in Waco, Texas.

On May 17th, 2015, undercover agents embedded in several motorcycle clubs conspired with the Waco Police departments to create a confrontation between rival motorcycle clubs. This was done to discredit and possibly destroy the Texas Coalition of Clubs (COC) and Independent Bikers. To me, this indicates some law enforcement agencies feel threatened by bikers assembling and working together to protect U.S. citizens’ Constitutional rights.

As planned, an undercover agent wearing a club patch told the Cossacks that the Bandidos invited them to the regularly scheduled meeting of the Texas COC. The agent said that the Bandidos had agreed to resolve the long simmering dispute with the Cossacks and the Scimitars Motorcycle Clubs

Relying on prior experience at the 1993 Waco Massacre, Waco Police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton put together a law enforcement team with “special plans” for handling the situation they hoped would result when the uninvited Cossacks and Scimitars crashed the COC meeting.

The staggering results of law enforcement’s Waco Cluster Fuck were quickly televised, with an amazing slant. A red-faced, obviously excited Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton proudly assured America: “Only gang members were killed– no police or citizens.”

Bikers across the U.S. were stunned by Swanton’s statement. Law enforcement had just publicly announced that it believed biker club members are not U.S. Citizens, have no rights and can be shot down like rabid dogs in the streets.

Unfortunately for Swanton and his cronies, there were a lot of witnesses. Their outraged testimony slowly turned the tide of public thinking and media coverage to show a very different chain of events in Waco. Current toll: Nine deaths, 18 injured, and 170 people in jail unable to post outrageous $1,000,000 Bonds.

In an effort to salvage the exposed deceitful law enforcement version, Swanton has changed his story so many times that his credibility has hit rock-bottom.

When the National Coalition of Motorcyclists issued a press release that it had hired a former Texas Ranger to conduct an investigation into the shooting at Twin Peaks, Swanton said: “We have no problem with anybody looking at this. We have nothing to hide.”

But then he added that the former Ranger, (unnamed in the press release), would not be afforded access to any of the L.E. evidence gathered in the case!

“Obviously, we are going to maintain the integrity of our investigation, so we would not necessarily share info with an outsider.   We continue to share evidence with the FBI, ATF, TABC, Texas Rangers and DPS’ CID team.   They are all working on this case with us.” Yes, they are good at covering up their unlawful actions.

Watching videos of Swanton’s press conferences makes you wonder about the irony of him using a word like “integrity.”

Come join me, along with the brave witnesses who came forward, the riders who organized protests, and other outraged citizens, and let’s fight for our rights. We have the tools: our Forefathers gave them to us in 1787. They are called the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. We have to stop this now. We can’t have another Waco.

RoadBlock 1%er



  • I agree 100% have been thinking about this a lot. I have been wanting to do something about this. You know if this had been a black club there would be rioting etc…….

    • Wouldn’t be no rioting if it were a black club. You just show your racism and ignorance by making that comment. It would’ve been more dead if it were a black club. Bikers of all color need to come together to fight this government. We all love the m/c world black and white

      • Very good response, it is and has been needed bc if ALL clubs could come together then we as bikers could show the nation that it is possible for us to make a difference and then maybe just maybe the rest of the citizens in our country could follow are actions and her the country back in shape and change what is wrong!

    • What I believe is that had this involved black clubs – the pavement would have still been stained with the blood of United States citizens. The outcome would not have differed one bit.

      Quit being divisive, quit using race as an excuse. We are all one people in this great nation, and the attempts of the few to keep us racially divided only serves to weaken the true will of the people, and through that, serves to keep us weaker and without a voice directed at the real issues. Sure, we have some work to help everyone see that we are one people. Statements like yours just keep the focus on something that is less of an issue than our real problems – the loss of the liberties and freedoms guaranteed by our great constitution. For all of us, white, black, brown, and green.

  • “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” – Benjamin Franklin

  • The wolves are at the door and they are called feds – you are absolutely right that we need to band together to stop this. Those men were murdered in cold blood
    I’m seeing this as a way to incite fear into the populace . We , as American bikers ,don’t take shit from anyone at anytime and most of the population knows this . If the govt can “scare” bikers into submission, then the rest of the people will be easy according to them. I for one ,am at the top of the food chain and I won’t stand idly by when it kicks off. Thanks for listening.

  • I can smell the Stench of a setup/coverup all the way here in Canada fr this legal lynching. The only thing missing is the I.O. showing up 1st to bait the real MC’s into a fight . Total ambush period!

  • I was charged and convicted of RICO in the early 80s. The so called upstanding law enforcement officers in the FBI, ATF, FDLA and others lied and fabricated evidence to ensure convictions. They tried writing traffic tickets to get our drivers licenses and that didn’t work. Next they tried acid testing our motorcycles so often that the acid started to eat off the legal factory numbers stamped on our engines and frames by the Harleyfactory. That didn’t work either because our motorcycles were all legal and we had the proper documents to prove it. Next they came up with good old RICO and put a lot of innocent people in jail for very long sentences and destroyed a lot of lives. The next move was to go after clubs logos and try and have certain motorcycle clubs declared illegal. Now finally they have just decided to murder us and withhold all the evidence. Waco was outright murder and a set up. The old saying UNITED WE STAND…DIVIDED WE FALL has never been truer than it is right now. The Government is scared to death that we will unite and fight them in the courts. Our country is falling apart around us and every day we lose more and more of our freedoms that were guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

    • I think the damn feds hate everyone that rides a motorcycle Waco proved it complete set up from the start

    • Yes and the SHEEPLE STAND IDOLY BY. As long as it happened TO THEM and not me. As usual, the WHITE’s stand back, and let” THE LAW TAKE CARE OF IT”. Yes, The LAW WILL TAKE CARE OF IT ALRIGHT. Black folk have the right idea, THEY RIOT WHEN AN INJUSTICE IS DONE TO THEM. Then the FEDS STEP IN. White folk STAND TO THE SIDE AND GET RAILROADED BY THE FEDS. Why haven’t the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT STEPPED IN ????And THE RAILROADING CONTINUES.

  • I’m old enough to remember the motor/frame numbers game. Would sure like to see the videos and ballistic reports. What a set up from start to finish in my opinion.

  • Definitely a setup. Bikers need to unite and let them know this is a outrage.

  • I may not be in a gang /club or what ever the gov wants to label them these days he’ll our fine Gove forgets that most motorcycle gangs as they call them .Are involved in chariteys all over the usa, sounds to me like a real bunch of monsters lol.he’ll mabey the government. should take some lessons. On how to give to the people in need in our own country before we go another few billion in debt for. Ileagel imigrents and other country’s. Sorry for the rant just my thoughts some may think there wrong but I’ll stand by them

  • The Feds are killers plain and simple! They play God and decide who dies. This must be stopped! Let’s ban together and do something to stop,it!

  • What the police did was very fucked up and should be punished likd criminals

  • Don’t forget that Harley Davidson TEAMED UP WITH THE COPS to STEAL/REPO BIKES (whether or NOT they were in default or not). IF u were there and had a contract with Harley to finance your bike, YOU LOST YOUR BIKE AND THEY HAVE & ARE SELLING THEM OFF. Harley is using the a loop hole in their contract about organized crime and illegal activity, TO ROB & STEAL EVERY BIKE THAT WAS THERE AND FINANCED THREW THEM. SMH. Hope like hell this get passed on to EVERYONE.

    Keep up the good work,


  • I agree whoever started this and did all the killing should be held responsible and tried and charged as any other ” citizen ” but we all know this is never going to happen. Almost every cop ever charged with a crime has walked and will continue to do so until we all stand together and show them we aren’t going to take this shit any longer. We as bikers as a group would be so over whelming there is no way they could ignore us. I don’t belong to any club and have always tried to mind my own business but the time has come for us all to remind the government that they are supposed to be working for us. Not do as they please and arrest, murder us as they please. Out of all the bikers rights group that make millions of everyone year after year, why is not one of them standing up for us now ? I see them at all the events pleading with us to join and pay them to stand up for us but when shit goes down they are no where to be seen ? WTF??????
    The government will never do anything to change unless we MAKE them change. If we don’t do something now then our children and grand children will definetly pay the price and have less or none of the very little freedoms that we have now. I don’t know how we can do this but I’m sure if we all get together on this than we can surely come up with something to turn this around but it has to be done soon or we’ll all loose. Just my opinion.
    Thanks Roadblock 1% for speaking out and speaking the thruth.


  • People ask me, why you pissed about what happened in Waco , TX May 17th 2015 at Twin Peaks Restaurant. There just bikers… I ask them back, why arent you pissed? Really, do you not see what transpired? Do you give a shit about your Freedoms in this country? Nah, it don’t matter to you many of you because really it wasn’t your farther, mother, daughter or son un-lawfully detained. Nor was it your ass that got thrown into a jail on a $1 million dollar bond nor was it you that lost your job, your freedoms, your family, or your motorcycle and your life savings. Until it hits home, people really don’t care. Our Gov’t is corrupt beyond belief and we sit and keep taking it. You keep paying your taxes and working hard, keep you mouths shut and dont you dare stand up for what you believe in. Its what this this Govt loves. Yea maybe I shouldn’t care, but if I don’t, who will?
    Waco , TX is a f ed up beyond belief city. This is the second incident in Waco , Tx in which human rights were violated. You remember what happened in 1993?

    • They’re just bikers. Every time I hear someone make that statement, I get mad all over again. What if it was said, they’re just blacks? The town would have been burned to the ground.
      The only business I will support in that town is HD of Waco. Heitmillers, Collin Street Bakery and any other business we have supported in the past, can Kiss My Ass! They have allowed the PD to run over the bikers. But, after all, they’re just bikers.

      End of rant.

  • I am amazed that this story seems to have died out so quickly in the mainstream press. The mistreatment of these Texas club members would seem to deserve a lot more attention than it’s been getting.

    • But, a little black thug gets her feathers ruffled for not obeying a cop and its all over the media for weeks. She wasn’t hurt or killed so why all the attention? You know the answer.

  • This was a very well written statement whereby I agree 100% that all Texas COC&I members need to remain united in their effort to bring the truth of what happened in Waco to surface. As a resident of Texas who has been out of state in a two-year acquisition training program centered on helping Wounded Warrior’s I likely would have attended this meeting as an Independent had I been in state.

    It saddened my family and I who miss Texas dearly to learn of the tragic loss of inocent lives as well as those who were injured at the hands of corrupt law enforcement officers. On 17 May 2015 all COC&I member’s and guest’s fell victim to socialism at the hands of those who swore to serve and protect them. This is the reason we the people do not trust law enforcement officers as defined by their belief that they are above the law and continual corrupt actions as demonstrated on this very sad day.

    I knew Independent Mohawk and many of COC&I member’s who fell victim to this very elaborate setup initiated by the Waco Police Department and other supporting law enforcement agencies. What COC&I member’s do for employment or whether at one point or another they broke the law is neither here nor there. No one should judge another based on outward appearance as it is the inner person that matters most based on their deeds and actions.

    To this I don’t just believe that only COC&I member’s and biker’s should stand together as I believe every law abiding citizen in the United States should be outraged by this atrocity and willing to stand side by side with our fellow mankind to prevent such from ever occurring again. Motorcycle Club’s are not GANG’s they are brotherhood’s with like minded citizens who are like family that give respect to those who show the same in kind. I am absolutely outraged and will volenteer to help in anyway I can should the COC&I call upon me.

    God bless America and the State of Texas!




  • I firmly believe this was a set up and believe thre was a mole or even a couple of them to get this going. I am a nobody but my ole man wa a 1% and retired when he passed in December. I also it is going to take ALL the MC groups to band togather. You have the power. Most of you went bro war for this country. Not just cop school. You know the real deal. WE HAVE TO FIGHT. I will be in the front if I possible. SHOOT ME MOTHER FUCKER. I WILL DIE FOR MY COUNTRY TOO.

  • The first Waco massacre, the Branch Davidian mess, was in 1993.

  • This without a doubt is a staged set up. Think it time for us all to stand up and say FUCK YOU together all holding strong side by side. If we don’t do this it might be an open season hunt for all of us.

  • Bless you for your efforts Roadblock. I just wonder if this country is too far down the rabbit hole. The sheeple in this country are just too fat, dumb and happy with their lives in servitude that they don’t pay attention to the militarization of their local law enforcement. They don’t realize that when local governments spend money on military style equipment and training, they need to use it once in a while to justify the expenditure. MC’s are just an easy target. Easy to identify. Easy to demonize in the press. Except people have to understand that if the bike clubs are gone, than the criminal government will have to direct it’s attention somewhere else. Maybe it will be the organization they belong to that is now out of favor with whatever party is in power at the time. Wake Up America. Your government is out of control.
    God Bless.

  • So true everyone and so sad.

  • Outstanding Blog Roadblock! I’m brand new to the Biker community… but I’ll stand by y’all come what may!

  • I agree our government has been out of control for a long time. Everyone says to vote them out but all your doing is voting in the lesser of two evils until they get it. Then they become just as corrupt as the rest. Been racking my brain trying to figure out a solution to this mess but I’m coming up empty. I agree we can all do little things as individuals but we need a HUGE force to really make a difference. I’m not sure what that is but I’m open to suggestions. Anyone have any ideas I’m all ears. If we don’t do something now I’m afraid my kids and grandkids wont be able to even enjoy the freedom of riding as we do now. Roadblock has my permission to share my email with anyone wanting to share ideas. Keep up the great work Roadblock.

  • I’m thinking if everyone writes, emails all the news stations and starts demanding they keep covering this and asking the hard questions then eventually they will have to do something and not just taking the pigs version of what happened and dropping it. Anyone have any links to newsrooms that they can share ?

  • There’s no doubt that the cops were tipped off and were waiting for it to begin. The few that started shooting, made it easy for the cops to have a day of target practice. The cops sat in their cars until every thing started, then they used their cars for cover while they shot most of the victims. If they had asked the COC or Twin Peaks to cancel or if they had walked around the restaurant and made their presents known they may have postponed what happened. It was going to happen eventually but it didn’t have to happen there. We as Bikers have to be smarter than the Law (It really isn’t hard) if you don’t want the result that happened. That area of the COC meetings are always held in Austin, it was advertised at the meeting prior that the next one would be held in Waco and why. This was between two clubs that could have met in a isolated location by themselves and taken care of their problems. It was well advertised that there was a chance some thing might happen and every one other than the two clubs and their support clubs should have stayed home. There are so many ass kissing independents and clubs in TX that don’t truly understand the consequences of following so closely other than the shit on their nose. To use the excuse of a COC meeting was wrong. The COC is intended to bring all clubs together to fight for all biker rights, this put a black eye on the COC and it’s causes. Most clubs that belong to the COC are not 1% and now may understand after losing their jobs and not being able to support their families that they should have stayed home. It was like leading sheep to slaughter.

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