In my opinion, the Waco Massacre happened because cops failed to perform their duty in a professional manner. They also failed to use simpler methods already proven to handle this exact situation, dating back beyond my era. Had they done so, there would have been no deaths, no wounded, no arrests, no constitutional violations and no need for a massive cover-up to hide their inexcusable criminal acts.

(A.) The police absolutely knew that the Texas COC was a legitimate political activist organization with business meetings held in a constitutional manner.
(B.) The police admitted they knew there was problems between The Cossacks, their support clubs and COC member clubs.
(C.) The cops admitted they knew the Cossacks and their support clubs were on their way with the intent to cause trouble and interrupt the COC’s scheduled meeting.
(D.) The cops admitted they were at the scene and ready for trouble prior to any problems.


They should have relied upon the method used by law enforcement officers many times in my day—Stop it before it happens! All the cops had to do was turn the trouble-makers away. How hard is that? It was standard procedure in my era; if LEOs had information suggesting there might be a potential altercation between clubs, one club would get turned around at the county line. That’s standard procedure. So why didn’t that simple solution happen?


The facts suggest some law enforcement agencies were too heavily involved, and were not looking for a peaceful resolution anyway. We all now know that they had undercover cops and informants in the clubs. They had major money and time invested, plus all that brand new military equipment to justify the cost of. They wanted a big show for the media, not a peaceful resolution.



The Waco police, prosecutor and the state courts are in collusion to extort all those arrested to plead guilty to some lesser criminal conduct for time served, instead of the ridiculous charges they were arrested for. The death and destruction caused by the Waco cops’ conduct cannot be left unchallenged. Everyone in the Waco government knows the city of Waco will be bankrupt if the citizens file civil complaints against those responsible for the death and destruction. The proof for a successful civil suit? Negligence that resulted in a denial of civil rights.
The city of Waco is desperate to get some kind of criminal conviction against those arrested. Pleading guilty to criminal activity would prevent those persons from successfully prosecuting a civil complaint.
This massacre has shown the American public just how biased law enforcement is against the biker community, and how police departments and the media are easily manipulated by the feds.

This is the time to stand together and fight for our rights. Waco should be made an example of, forcing other cities to stop and think before allowing SWAT teams to slaughter people without any justification. This is not Beirut or Tehran. This is the USA.

Roadblock 1%er


  • Well said. Best wishes to all those incarcerated. Hang in there, don’t take a deal! Stand your ground and you can win this. You all have my full support. SYLO SYLB SYLBP


  • Thanks for your insight and thoughts, as always right on point. The timing of the Waco Massacres were aligned with the start of the Mongols’ Trademark battle and just after a very successful NCOM annual. Texas is a pillar within the the COC’s and it would do major harm (so they think) to the aforementioned if they could discredit the COCs, the Clubs, and put them in the false narrative box they have been pushing decades.
    If the law would have just turned them away, there would’ve been no massacre and no news. But that doesn’t fit their story line. To be continued.
    Thanks for keeping this on the front burner.

  • How so very true Roadblock 1%er… I remember those days to where they would stop and turn a club around and not let them continue even to this day just like you said. Everything could have been handled correctly if they would have just done that one thing.

  • You hit the nail on the head with that one Road Block.

  • Straight-ahead, Brother. Set-up from the gate, with shooters ready to go. Most of the dead with headshots and/or double-taps, as if that’s gonna happen in a parking lot humbug between clubs.

    I seriously doubt people know the stones it takes for you to stand up and tell the truth, seeing what you’ve seen, and being where you’ve been. If more people would have BE about instead of just wanting to TALK about it, this country could be a good place again.


  • back in the day , believe it or not cops and MC GOT ALONG . just like ROADBLOCK said , the club wouldve been turned away if the cops thought there was going to be trouble . everything ran smooth back then ! anyone on a bike were treated with respect or fear , doesnt make any difference , they were not used for fucking target practice and shot down like fuckin dogs ! think about it , wtf is next ! the deads family should own this town and throw everyone out of it and use it for the A.O.A and tresspassers will be shot just like the pigs did our Brothers !

  • Respects, right on the money.
    As you know, the terms and restrictions for the people on bail ARE unbearable. Freedom of assembly and association are restricted(Can’t Ride with other bikers). Freedom of movement are restricted, plus the individuals are charged with paying for their supervision (ankle bracelets). They ARE NOT FREE ON BAIL. With 177 cases, it will take years (No right to a speedy trial in the USA for quite some time). I myself have taken the plea deal to “Just be done with it”, so will most of these cases. It’s a horrible system made worse by a horrible PD.

  • Very well spoken. Let’s never forget the victims and their families . I am ashamed to say I reside in Waco Texas .

  • I think you give the Waco cops (and the ATF) too much credit simply assuming they’re incompetent. The cops are sick and tired of the bad press they’re getting out of Ferguson, New York, and Baltimore. They’re sick and tired of the push-back from the public exercising their Constitutional rights during traffic stops, refusing searches, remaining silent, and recording the cops’ bad behavior and posting it on YouTube. You may think I’m crazy, but if you wanted to manufacture an incident that would capture national media attention, demonstrate to Joe and Jane citizen that, without the heroic efforts of heavily armed law enforcement officers, we’d all be living in a Mad Max movie, and, most importantly, where no more black people would get shot, you couldn’t have planned it any better. Conspiracy theory rant over.

    • I don’t think the cops thought their little conspiracy would turn out the way it did. Their plan was to disrupt and discredit the COC and motorcycle clubs. Instead they ended up shooting all those people. The Justice Department washed their hands and left Swanton and his killers holding the bag. Then refused to help with the cover-up. Had the plan turned out as planned and no one got killed the feds would have taken the credit and been running the media circus. Swanton’s SWAT team did just what they were trained by the military to do. The problem is their enemies are American citizens with constitutional rights, not some foreign enemy.

  • When the militarization of civilian law enforcement is combined with the mind set of Crime Prevention, situations like Waco will occur. what is surprising is that it hasn’t occurred more often. The details never seem to make it to the media, but 1%ers have lived with this approach to Crime Prevention under the guise of Law Enforcement for years, deserving or not. The two are not the same.

    Crime Prevention is not Law Enforcement. Understand the difference.

  • You are so right. Sue them till it hurts.

  • Right on the money!! LL&R.

  • Obviously the Waco PS wanted the result which they revived. I do not believe in false flag operations. What I believe those operations really happened And are planed by the government in order to receive public outcry for A solution. This was a set up by the police and if it is found that the person who caused it was an undercover Police officer, then I hope the whole police department goes down. It is not aginst the law to have a gun in your car. If all these people were really planning on a shoot out why did they leave their guns in the vehicle?

  • Thats right brother..back in the day cops gave you escorts not gunfire. LL & R always..we had some good times..miss ya man.

  • While I believe Waco was a total screw up and that LE acted improperly even to the extent of having under cover operatives facilitate the disaster, I take exception with your proposed solution. Isn’t turning people away at the county line a heavy handed unconstitutional course of action?

    Cops are no more entitled to tell people where to go or not go than they are entitled to shoot them.

  • Having “hard intelligence” that there was probably going to be trouble, and knowing that the COC meeting is publicly advertised and scheduled months in advance, all the Waco PD had to do was call the COC attorney and advise him that they may want to reschedule the meeting or move it from it’s advertised location. That would have resolved everything. But that wouldn’t have worked with their allegedly having a plant in the Cossacks and supposedly being behind the entire operation – not with all the money and overtime they were getting for their “operation”. Add to the fact that there was some conference they were hosting a week later having to do with gangs, and the picture becomes clearer – this was a Waco PD media stunt that is now imploding in their shorts. I’ve heard that following all of the civil suits, the town will be named “Bikerville” or “Bandidoville” ……either would serve the sheeple who have condoned the actions of their PD over the years right………

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