Swanton’s lips are moving, I wonder what lying version he’s telling this time?

In my opinion, the last vestiges of freedom for the biker population are hanging by a thread. I believe that if we don’t do something immediately, our lifestyle will be history. The recent slaughter of bikers by law enforcement in Waco, Texas should be a rallying cry for all of us. Just think: twenty-eight individuals were shot in a set-up by law enforcement, nine fatally, in public. How far will the government go to destroy a political movement?

Swanton’s lips are moving, I wonder what lying version he’s telling this time?
The carnage at Waco was the culmination of everything I’ve been preaching about for the last thirty years. That atrocity should be the catalyst that moves us forward. The Waco 9 were someone’s brother, father, husband and friend. They could have been any of us.

When I hear eyewitnesses saying that people bled out while the cops did nothing to save them makes me sick and angry. Law Enforcement had no right to blindly shoot these people down, but certainly had every obligation to save them.

We know who pulled the triggers. But who was behind this massacre? The answer may surprise you. How many times have you heard a politician promise to get tough on crime if elected? Public safety is a winning platform in large cities, a guaranteed ticket to office. Most middle-class Americans find it a comforting thought. Only a few have learned firsthand how it can go wrong when that elected official abandons integrity to climb on the Power Trip train.


Swanton giving another version of the Waco Massacre by trigger-happy police.

As Waco proved, media-hungry politicians are willing to unleash trigger-happy law enforcement on the citizens of our country. They just weren’t expecting it to turn into a major cluster-fuck. Fortunately for the politicians, there were other distractions elsewhere in the news, and they happily left the carnage to the locals.

My point? The next time you see a politician promising to get tough on crime, ask yourself what that really means for you, your family and friends.


Feds guarding a biker lying dead in the parking lot. Promise we will Never forget.




Years ago, as a convicted felon, I lost the right to vote. I never realized how important it is to have that voting right until now.

Recently we’ve seen politicians lining up behind our president to kiss the asses of groups who riot and destroy their own neighborhoods. The Waco massacre, however, proves that approach won’t work for the biker community. The politicians’ lackeys would just gun us down. We have to use a different approach.


Waco has forced us to take a good look at what’s in store for the biker culture if we don’t step forward and defend our lifestyle. The good news is, we have a platform in place and the tools to protect ourselves.


Attorney Richard Lester and his group set up the National Confederation of Clubs (NCOC) almost thirty years ago. The NCOC is the parent organization for the State’s Confederation of Clubs (COC). The COC’s are made up of members from each State. The COC is a neutral entity fighting for all bikers’rights.


Voting: we must organize a voting block capable of influencing the vote for State politicians, Judges and Sheriffs. These Political figures usually win with a small majority of votes. How many bikers, family members and friends do you think are in each state? Yes, we are American Citizens and we can vote and it will make a difference.

Courts: we have a guaranteed Constitutional right to seek relief in the courts, both State and Federal. I hear too many people say the courts won’t rule in our favor. That’s wrong. Judges aspire to become appellant judges or Supreme Court justices. Those positions require confirmation. Any judge who repeatedly rules against the Constitution will not be confirmed. They are in a Catch-22 situation that requires they rule in favor of Constitutional law.


Constitutional Law: is not prosecuted by the government nor does it put anyone in prison. The citizen or his attorney assumes the duty as prosecutor. Constitutional law provides monetary damages, both compensatory and punitive. The rules of Constitutional law requires a simple preponderance of the evidence, instead of proof to the exclusion of a reasonable doubt.

Media: Judging from the sudden drop in coverage, I believe the media realized how they were duped by law enforcement’s version about the Twin Peaks’ shootout. There are a few true journalists out there who actually do investigative reporting, instead of cheap sensationalist garbage. They wanted to speak to eyewitnesses, but people were understandably afraid. Journalists concerned with accurate reporting will pay attention as more facts come out.

Again, folks, look at the Waco Massacre, on U.S. soil, carried out by U.S. law enforcement, U.S. citizens slaughtered without cause. What choice do we now have — work together and fight for our rights, or risk getting gunned down in the streets to advance a politician’s career?

I choose to fight for my rights. I hope you will join me. Let’s show everyone who the real organized criminals are and out those responsible for the violence against our families and lifestyle.

RoadBlock 1%er


  • Well put Road Block. I wish there were more brothers like you to fight for our rights.

  • Roadblock your right we have been duke by the government and the politicians vow to make change. only to change the their minds and look out for their selves when ithe benifts them. If we don’t stick to gether to fight this movement we are doomed.

  • Hello RB,, another good article and I agree 100%,,,jmo about Waco,, what you and I are witness to is the “Decline” of the U.S. as a
    world power,,please dont think that I am a ((Freakin Nut case)) lmao,,
    Before some one calls me a Racist or a Nazi or a Bigot or a Anti- Semite they need to understand a little about History,,what is happening to the U.S. has happened several times before, Russian Revolution, French Revolution,Spanish Revolution even our own Civil War,,

    You and I are losing our Heritage,, the taking down of the Confederate Battle Flag, Same Sex Marriage, Illegal Immigration,Gun Control,
    Unemployment, now ask yourself a question,,,”Who are the people that will benefit by all of this confusion”? “Who are the people that backed
    the French Revolution? the Russian Revolution? the Spanish Revolution?the Civil War (The South)? and Hitler? it is the very same people that
    are in power today,, Who are the people that wrote the Communist Manifesto, ? Marx,Linen,Trotsky .these same people control the News Media,,

    You cant have (Tunnel Vision) it is not that simple ,you have to look at what is happening world wide to understand (Waco).

    I know you enjoy reading so do I,,,this little book by Capt. Ramsey , “The Nameless War” it is PDF, format, also if you have time check out “The Protocols of The Elders of Zion” it is also on the internet. after you read these to articles you will understand what happened in Waco and how to combat it…

    Best Regards

  • Roadblock the reality of the whole situation is the feds are running out of shit to try and pin on bikers so they are gonna start fuckin with us for no reason. If anyone tries to take my CUT from me that will be the day they meet there maker END GAME. We put some lame ass fuck in office that is trying to take all of our rights and freedom away and he is not thinking about violating our fucking constitutional rights anarchy is going to eventually take over ang then the politics wont mean shit

    • Sir, you are absolutely right. I believe that there is an agenda to remove capable patriots from the picture & so many veterans are in Clubs….or just ride with respect for our culture. The Man is dividing us, removing or making extremely unpopular anyone that might get in the way of the New Order they are trying to cram down our throats. It’s time to shit or get off the pot…we need to stand strong for what we believe in. Thanks for your work looking after US. Respects to you.

  • here is a quote from Lt. Col. Donald Sullivan,

    If we do not eliminate the income tax, the property tax and elect all judges, we will never have any freedom. We must also eliminate the electoral college which guarantees a two-party system. With our two party system, the people will never be in control. It’s the old Hegelian dialect at work, the thesis and anti-thesis rubbing together to create the desired synthesis. The electoral college insures this will not change. Anyone who watched the party conventions last year will recognize the effects of the two-party system. Your vote is meaningless.


  • RB, I can only hope that you are right, and that there is still time left for us to take our Nation back without resorting to force. I’ve got kids, so I hate to see things go that way, but I believe the feds have declared war, on the Constitution, on those who still believe in it, and on anyone who would still claim his place as a free man.

    The Waco Massacre isn’t the opening shot-that was fired years ago. Waco I, Whidbey Island, Pocahontas, Arkansas, Tigerton Dells, Wisconsin, Ruby Ridge, Idaho, these were all isolated instances of a concerted policy of wiping-out resistance to the Statist-regime. Waco II is the first, the test-case, of the large-scale assault. If this news isn’t gotten out-and acted on-we are in for many more instances of this, or worse.

    It won’t be just motorcycle clubs that are targeted, but they will be among the first. We are easily identifiable, easily vilified, and make the perfect bogeyman for the “law-abiding” Citizen. No tears are shed when a dirty, filthy, criminal, rider is killed by government gun-thugs.

    Make no mistake, when the federal goons have destroyed the clubs, they will start on the next group marked as Enemies of the State.

    And you, Joe Public, or your children, may well be it.



  • RB 1%er…You are totally right, our “biker” lifestyle is in danger of being dismantled and destroyed by the government. You and I both know from personal experience the things that law enforcement and the media, courts and the government will do to further their agendas. The time is NOW for ALL CLUB to come together and pool our resources and fight in every LEGAL way possible to keep our lifestyle alive and stop what is happening. The NCOC is one of the best ways to do this, but as we just saw in Waco you can be killed for trying to protect your rights and freedoms by legally assembling to try and do just that.

  • Well said Brother it is time!

  • I was told by a Milwaukee Police Officer during the 100th that Chief Ed Flynn advised his officers to aim for the heads! The source was credible and Flynn likes to talk tough while carrying a tiny stick.

  • Very well said. Politicians and Law Officers ride also and must not believe in true brother/sister hood.

  • It’s not the patch that makes the man, but instead the man makes the patch. If your in, you’ll understand. Same goes with any uniform patch or organization. You can’t let the media, officials, or even wanna be’ s make your mind up, tough up and stand your own platform. Don’t let these fake do gooders make your Dixie ions for you, or your as bad as them.

    • Damn spell check. I mean don’t let them make your decisions. Otherwise your as bad as all of them.

  • Road Block I couldn’t agree more with you if we don’t stand together and fight for our freedom and our rights as U.S. Citizens we will loose everything. We need these kind of people out of office not only in Texas but across the whole country.

  • I’ve been watching & working on this case since May 17th & can assure you that there is a coverup…But, something I read above, needs to be understood by those that may have a felony record as stated above…If you are a felon, you are NOT prohibited from voting…You can vote after 5 years of conviction. All you have to do is request a voter registration & fill it out!!! You can also petition the courts after 5 years for your gun rights (for hunting) as long as you did not have a 3G (Aggravated) offense…People nowadays need to know that if you have a Misdemeanor case involving domestic abuse or bodily harm, It is illegal in Texas to possess a firearm!!! You can also obtain a passport as long as you have NOT committed “Treason” against the United States…Hope this helps you to get out & vote…

    • True. In Arkansas, there’s no 5 year waiting period. You can vote as soon as your probation / parole is over with and all your fines are paid. But you have to write the governor and ask for clemency. That’s usually not a problem. I suggest everybody try this. Look up what is required in your state and go for it.

  • I agree with all that’s been said…. I am a member of the COC. I am an independent rider. I have been to a lot of meetings cause I think it is important that our voices are heard. I have said for a long time we the People need to stand up for our rights and everyone I have talked to agrees. Nobody is doing any thing…. just one person cant do this on our own …. It is time we do something before it is to late.. I think the COC is the best place to start.. We have a lot of members who feel the same way….We need to all of us take a stand together and fight for our rights as American citizens for the freedom under our constitution that is quickly being disregarded and Ignored.. Dont know about the rest of you but I’m getting sick of everything we as Americans say … do .. or believe in offends somebody and is taken away . I’m offended that every Biker is called a Gang member If you wear a Patch… you wont see that going away.. The Law is really wanting this Waco Massacre to go away and not wanting the truth to come out. Road Block.. It is up to all of us to keep this story alive cause you all know the Media wont… We need Justice for our Waco Brothers and Sisters……..

  • In honor of our good friend, Bill “Sputnik” Strain, we owe it to his legacy, ourselves, and our country to fight this tooth and nail. I think often how easily I, or any of us, could have been there, and be thrown in jail without just cause, or legal representation, as our brothers were. Besides the murders, good people lost their jobs, lives destroyed by the cowards hiding behind the badge. This is just the worst case of injustice I have ever seen, and those responsible for calling the shots, this ambush, should not be allowed to continue their careers in law inforcement or govenment. A cowardly act of murder plain and simple. …….To protect and serve indeed.

  • Very well said, very well said indeed RB. The truth will come out and the good Lord will have his say when it is all done.



  • This is almost the perfect storm of injustice. Tragedy occurs and the national news media focuses on only the law enforcement narrative. All of the innocent bystanders arrested. An ex-cop rubber stamps identical arrest warrants and sets impossible bonds. The restaurant that dared defy the cops’ orders to discriminate against the COC had their liquor license and franchise yanked. Cops have the audacity to suggest that bikers cage it, the local Harley dealership shuts its doors at the cops’ request. Cops withhold video and ballistic evidence. Prosecutor’s law partner issues gag order when the truth starts filtering out. Waco cop appointed as foreman of the grand jury. Seriously, this would be unbelievable if it was the plot of a book or a movie. Its like they’re testing to see just how much they can blatently get away with.

    Good article, Roadblock.

  • Everybody in the state of Texas needs to be bombarding their state officials with letters about the injustice in Waco and informing them that if they allow this injustice to continue that you will put every effort you can to make sure they are not re-elected. And I am talking yourself, your spouse, mom, dad, siblings, neighbors, co-workers, anybody you can get to write we need thousands and thousands of letters to bombard each elected official in Texas. We cannot allow our freedom to ride a motorcycle or wear a patch to be taken from us because of the P.O.S
    LE in Waco. I would rather DIE STANDING than live in fear on my knees.

  • Amen for someone else unafraid of the consequences for speaking the truth. I called and have been on this disgusting act of satanism since day one. In fact when I called from my Houston location to talk with Justice of the Peace of Waco, he threatened me saying and I quote “If you bring your biker trash ass to Waco I promise you will disappear too.” un-quote. I then contacted the Governor through snail mail and received a request to vote for him again as he stands up for our rights, yet no action of correctness against these rouge police officers and agents of the state and or agents of the government have taken place. I further contacted the Lt. Governor hoping to find some relief and or assistance from his office, I received an email expressing thank you for my concerns about Texas, yet no mention or actions have been taken. It is my wholehearted opinion that these actions was the result of revenge for the original 911 run to Washington DC. And if I am correct, then we have a very long and hard road ahead of us, but a road that I am still going to continue on for the sake of our country, and the safety for our children. God Bless and keep the rubber side down. Amen!

  • Thank you for remembering.

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